M. Pokora dad : his son with Christina Milian was born, check out his first name and the first photos

M. Pokora papa : son fils avec Christina Milian est né, découvrez son prénom et les premières photos

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M. Pokora and Christina Milian are the parents of a little boy

M. Pokora is a dad filled ! On Monday 20 January in the evening, the singer announced the birth of his first child with the american star Christina Milian. In addition to revealing the first photos of their son, the two young parents have also revealed his first name to their fans on Instagram.

Pink diary in the stars ! After a year in 2019, to be marked by the birth of many babies of the stars of reality tv as Milann, the son of Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara, Maylone, son of Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Kuro or even Ruby, the daughter of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, it is the turn of music star to welcome a baby. In July of last year, M. Pokora and Christina Milian announced expecting their first child, a little boy.

The son of M. Pokora and Christina Milian is born !

It is this Monday, January 20, that the small family has grown ! On Instagram, M. Pokora and his darling have announced the birth of their son with two adorable photos. The occasion also unveiled the name that they chose for their bundle of joy : Isaiah. “Once there was Isaiah, born 20/01/2020… you write the rest… Welcome my son, “wrote the singer Fell on his account, passing a message to his girlfriend : “@christinamilian you are my heroin,” he added. On his side, the young mother posted another photo and message just as moving. “Just perfect. The world is yours my son. We love you, mom and dad.” wrote Christina Milian. As pointed out by M. Pokora, the little Isaiah was born during the Martin Luther King Day, a public holiday in the United States celebrating the birth date of Martin Luther King.

Isaiah is the first child of M. Pokora, and the second baby of Christina Milian, already the mother of a small Purple was born in February 2010 of his relationship with the singer The-Dream. The French singer and american star couple since August of 2017. In an interview given in September in Tv Leisure, Mr. Pokora was referred to the coming of her baby and on the education he wants to give it to him. “I have an education in the old. I am a little strict, I see it already with my daughter-in-law. I think I’m going to be cool but with the real values of respect, humility and work. It will not pass through. It is things that I will try to instill.” had he entrusted to us.

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