M. Pokora gives more details on the tv-very personal as it prepares for TF1

M. Pokora donne plus de détails sur le téléfilm très personnel qu'il prépare pour TF1

M. Pokora in a tv movie about Alzheimer’s : “I lost my grandfather because of this disease.”

If M. Pokora is back in stores this Friday 12 April 2019 with its eighth album “Pyramid”, we will also be able to find the artist in a telefilm enough staff around Alzheimer’s disease, broadcast on TF1. The darling Christina Milian has told a little more about the project TV.

After a one year absence, M. Pokora is back ! First on the musical scene, as it unveils this Friday 12 April 2019 his new and eighth album, “Pyramid”, but also on television. While the noise of the hallway suggested that the singer may soon be showing a tv movie on TF1, it has confirmed with our colleagues from Télé Loisirs : “In may, I’m going to shoot my first film. We talk about it for a long time, but there it is”.

“This is something that I held close to my heart,”

A project on which the darling Christina Milian gave more details this morning on RTL, while he was a guest in the show a try. “It’s going to be the first time for me. It will be in the month of may, I will turn on the side of Bordeaux a nice telefilm“, he said, before revealing the subject of the film, very personal : “This is a nice tv movie about Alzheimer’s disease. This is something that I held close to heart since I lost my grandfather because of this disease. This is a very nice movie with values on the family and it is a beautiful relationship between a mother and her son.”

A personal film

A project, which he took particularly to heart, as he has entrusted to you in Télé 7 jours : “I am super happy with it. It is a drama adapted from a book that deals with Alzheimer’s disease. This is an idea that I proposed to the chain, so I’m very proud of it“. To discover this film, it will need some patience as it is expected to be released in the end of the year !


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