M. Pokora : his career break after the birth of his son ? He reveals his plan

M. Pokora : sa carrière en pause après la naissance de son fils ? Il dévoile son plan

M. Pokora : his career break after the birth of his son ? He reveals his plan

A few hours of a great new show expected to be in the NRJ Music Awards in 2019, Mr. Pokora told in interview on the future of her career with the birth of his son. And the performer of the album “Pyramid” seems to have a plan in concrete.

Singer, juror emission, actor on tv… Mr. Pokora has already a very beautiful RESUME its active and this is not finished. In a few months, he will indeed be able to add the role to the most precious of his life ; one daddy. A new adventure that excites already, and to which it prepares them gradually.

M. Pokora ready to make a break for his son ?

At the end of a interview with Nice-Matin, the assistant of Christina Milian has unveiled have already thought about how to live his career and his personal life, and how to manage the education of her future child. And obviously, no pause is to be expected, all of this would be “simple enough to organize“.

He said : “On the tour now, I’m going to move the dates. Without a doubt, on the next, I will do a week break every two weeks to see my family. In my projects, I will reason more in the school year, not that my son walks to school in school. Therefore, a school year in France, another in Los Angeles“.

An education in the 4 corners of the world

Yes, the singer recalled, it will be very important to her that her son embraces his dual citizenship. In other words, out of the question to settle only in one country, the little boy goes travelling : “I find great for my future child is that he will travel everywhere, it will be full of lots of cultures. His mother is of cuban origin, it will grow between Los Angeles, Paris and the South of France, where I lies too“.

The son of M. Pokora is not born yet, but he already makes them jealous.

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