M. Pokora : his tour had been threatened by the coronavirus, he gets upset

M. Pokora : sa tournée menacée par le coronavirus, il s'énerve

M. Pokora : his tour had been threatened by the coronavirus, it takes

The coronavirus is growing in scale to such a point that the government is obliged to take radical measures, such as to cancel the rallies in a “confined environment”, and therefore the concerts. A decision that was not at all pleased with M. Pokora, worried for his tour : he expressed his excitement on the social networks.

M. Pokora angry

The Pyramid Tower, will he be suspended because of the sars coronavirus ? While the virus has 130 cases in France in which two people died, the government takes the situation very seriously. For proof, this weekend, the minister of health announced that it would cancel “all gatherings of more than 5000 people in a confined environment“.

Mr. Pokora was quickly worried for his tour, but this decision was especially angry : “The friend(s)like you I just learned the surprising decision of the ministry to cancel the gathering of more than 5000 people to a new order… we’ll know more in the beginning of the week I’ll let you know about the tour expected to resume weekend pro…“, he posted on Twitter before adding : “more than 5000 people it is risky, but 4500 is good.

“We are hiding something or what ?”

If some people cross our fingers that the tour of M. Pokora is not cancelled, others have taken to the darling Christina Milian after he issued this message, deleted today : “It is a little weird this process of de-dramatize a virus for 10 days on the info strings, the politicians, the doctors saying that the flu kills each year many more people in the world, or H1N1, ebola, etc., But to take unprecedented action. Never one cancelled concerts, marathons etc… for H1N1, Ebola, and others. We are talking about 73 people out of 66 million French. We are hiding something or what ?

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