M. Pokora recounts the day he was believed to have “buried” his career

M. Pokora raconte le jour où il a cru avoir "enterré" sa carrière

M. Pokora recounts the day he was believed to have “buried” his career

After two years of absence, Mr. Pokora will unveil his new album “Pyramid” on Friday, April 12, 2019. The singer is so in this moment in full promo and during a recent interview, he recounted the day he was believed to have “buried” his career. Discover the secrets of the interpreter “Just a photo of you” on this failure.

Since the separation of the Linkup, the solo career of Mr. Pokora has never stopped. Everything went very quickly for him and he took the time to savor his success, he needed a long break two years ago : “It was even 15 years ago that I enchaînais the albums and the tours. I had arrived a little saturation, I wanted to stay with me, “he explained. But today, the singer is back in better shape than ever : it will be unveiling its eighth album, “Pyramid”, April 12. A new opus teasé with the piece “The Planets”.

“I thought I was going to collapse”

M. Pokora gives more info on his opus, on which he has worked with Slimane (The Voice 5), in an interview with Tv Leisure : “My previous albums were compilations, it was a pot-pourri of musical styles. There, so I wanted some consistency“, he says before adding : “It is an album of pop urban music which became known to me and who fits me.

With each album, the cards are rebattues. I learned it at my expense in 2008, after the release of my album in English, “continues the interpreter of “The world”. M. Pokora here refers to his project studio “MP3”, in collaboration with Timbaland, which was a big failure in terms of sales. The darling Christina Milan took fear at the time : “A year and a half before, I was in the rooms. Eighteen months later, I was selling even 100,000 copies, I was not a Zenith ! I thought I was going to collapse, that I had buried my career and that I could never get back.” It has done well not to lose hope…


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