M1 Music Awards 2019: published the full list of nominees for the music award

М1 Music Awards 2019: опубликован полный список номинантов на музыкальную премию

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30 November 2019 in the capital at the annual music awards will determine the best performers of the year. Besides, M1 Music Awards promises to impress with an incredible show. Achieve the celebrity will say in 10 categories.

М1 Music Awards 2019: опубликован полный список номинантов на музыкальную премию

In 2019, the organizers of “M1 Music Awards”, M1 TV channel and the company “Tavriski Igri” gave an amazing show in the Sports Palace.

Published artists nominations for the award.

For the title of “Singer of the year” will compete with Michelle Andrade, Jamala, NK | Nastya Kamensky, Zlata ognevich and Tina Karol.

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For the title of “singer of the year” will fight Oleg Vinnik, MELOVIN, ALEKSEEV, Sergey Babkin, and MONATIK.

But “Band of the year” can become DZIDZIO, KADNAY, Mozgi, “Time and Glass” and “Vopl Deplasa”.

In 2019, the award will be able to boast of a new category — “Rock. Just Rock!” together with radio station “Radio Roks”. It will be noted is a strong rock song.

М1 Music Awards 2019: опубликован полный список номинантов на музыкальную премию

Award “M1 Music Awards. Five” appointed nominations:

  • “Hit of the year”: MONATIK — Love It Rhythm, БЕZ you like — SOR of sapalli, Antitila — Vila, Time and Glass — Dim NK | Nastya Kamensky — Obzau.
  • “Breakthrough of the year”: MELOVIN — Tartam, Brewers — No.1, Alyona Alyona — Large th smsna, CORRUPTION, Red velvet, Alina Pash feat. FREEL — did Not drink.
  • “Clip of the year”: Michelle Andrade — Hasta La Vista, TARABAROVA — Meni Khaskovo, NIKITA LOMAKIN — Cello, Tina — Wabbit, MONATIK — Every time.
  • “Rock. Just Rock!”: Antitila — Vila, THE HARDKISS — Cohens, БЕZ you like — SOR of sapalli, Tina Karol and Boombox — Bezodnya, Sergey Babkin — My love.
  • “Chervona Ruta”: Time and Glass — Dim, Zlata ognevich — Licorice Kara, Vitaly Kozlovsky — Small NK | Nastya Kamensky — Obzau, Mint — There, de Paradise.
  • “Dance Parade”: Kishe — Qiu nich, MARUV — Siren Song, MONATIK — Love It Rhythm, Alyona Alyona & Alina Pash — Scum, Time and Glass — Dim.
  • “Golden gramophone”: Time and Glass — Dim, Olga Cybulski — Duchonka, Oleg Vinnik — Roxolana, Tina Karol — the Power of height NK | Nastya Kamensky — Obzau.

Recall that Tina and Dan sang on the same stage, and fans noticed something unusual.

As reported by the portal Znayu “X-factor” held a contest for the Ukrainians.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Nadia Dorofeeva announced a new video for “LOX”.

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