MacGyver season 6: Mac and Riley as a couple and parents, the end that the series could have had

MacGyver season 6: Mac and Riley as a couple with a child, the series should have ended in a different way You still haven't digested the cancellation of the MacGyver series at the end of season 5? Know that the recent revelations of Peter M. Lenkov (the creator) should not help you turn the page. He revealed it on Instagram, season 6 should have featured a couple Mac and Riley, but also revealed the existence of a child in the future.

It was the surprise of 2021, despite a steady hit on TV, CBS ultimately made the decision to cancel the MacGyver seriesat the end of season 5. A disappointment for the fans, but also for the creators who still had some story ideas to develop in the event of a potential season 6.

While that Monica Macer (the showrunner of season 6) had previously confided that Mac and Riley should have officially become a couple in the new episodes, “Mac & Riley would have been the star couple. That was always our goal (…) In the second episode of season 6, Mac and Riley would have kissed“, it is today the turn of Peter M. Lenkov (the creator and ex-showrunner, fired at the end of season 4) to reveal – through several pages of an unpublished scenario published on Instagram, that he thought big at the time.

The Mac family would have been introduced

So, season 5 should have originally ended with a very special scene in a forest. There, we would have found a young 11-year-old boy named Jimmy with his father… MacGyver. Indeed, it is a sequence that would have acted as a flashforward to a future moment located in 2035. On this occasion, it would then have been revealed that MacGyver (Lucas Till) had now withdrawn from the Phoenix Foundation and that he lived in the Pacific Northwest alongside his son – for whom he would have been a true hero, but also Riley, described as his companion and mother of the boy.

She hugs Jimmy, kisses Mac, and our audience goes crazy realizing they're now watching a happy family founded by our heroes. No PC, no screens, no more life or death missions… just a loving family at peace“, can we read on one of the pages of the script. A happy ending Almost. As the script further details, things would have quickly turned sour since Jimmy would have been kidnapped, which would have forced Mac and Riley to return to the side of Phoenix in order to set up a team to rescue him during season 6!< /p>

A season 6 between present and future

On Instagram, Peter M. Lenkov confessed that it was only a “rough version” of the scenario even if, according to him, it would be enough to discover the desired direction that would have allowed “to offer fans something new with a Mac and Riley romance“. He then clarified, “This story gives us a glimpse of the ending and knowing that, actually following the rise of their romance would have been particularly interesting“.


In other words, season 6 could have alternated moments in the present – where Mac and Riley would have gradually let their feelings speak until they got together, and in the future. It would indeed have been revealed that the reason for Jimmy's kidnapping in 2035 was linked to a specific event in 2020 that we would then have explored during the year…

We're not going to hide it , we now have an interstellar seum at the idea of ​​knowing that we will never see that…

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