Macha Grenon's career in five souvenir photos

Macha Grenon's career in five souvenir photos


Flying with her own wings

Winter 1987, 35 years ago, the 19-year-old actress was already in some of the most popular Quebec soap operas, including < em>La Maison Deschênes and L'Or du temps. The following year, she would play in the famous Lance et compteby Rejean Tremblay. Resourceful, the young Macha had left home around the age of 18 to become a model and study communication.

Significant role

Year 1991, a few months before the first episode of Scoop aired on Radio-Canada. Macha Grenon, who had no training in the dramatic arts, but who is a great perfectionist, was to be propelled to the highest peak of popularity, just like the Lionel “coffin” Rivard (Rémy Girard) and Tintin (Martin Drainville) of the series.

30 years ago

During an interview in December 1993, Macha was talking about her role as the ambitious Stéphanie Rousseau, daughter of the press magnate played by Claude Léveillée, in the popular Scoop series created by Fabienne Larouche and Réjean Tremblay. Years later, she will realize the influence of her character on several young women who have chosen the profession of journalist.

La Stéphanie de Scoop

With Roy Dupuis who played the fiery Michel Gagné, in the universe of the newspaper L'Express from the Scoop series. The two journalists, at first at loggerheads, will become madly in love. The actress, who has become one of the general public's favourites, won thanks to the role of Stéphanie the Public Prize at the Gala Artis for three years in a row, in 1993, 1994 and 1995.

Roles and awards

Amusing photo dated 1998. We could then see the actress playing her own role in the series 4 and a half… and she played Adèle in the TVA series Juliette Pomerleau taken from the novel by Yves Beauchemin. It was also in the cinema that Macha worked at the time, notably being in the film La conciergerie alongside Serge Dupire.

  • You can see Macha Grenon in the excellent series The honorable. She accurately embodies (2019 Gemini Prize) judge Lucie Dessureaux who has just escaped death by strangulation, alongside Patrick Huard, Roger Léger, Mylène Mackay, David La Haye. A captivating intrigue signed Jacques Diamant, directed by Louis Choquette. Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TVA. Or catch up on TVA+
  • We'll find the actress in the new series L'empereur by author Michelle Allen (The Breakaway, Runaway< /strong>), a series that traces the rise of a charismatic abuser (played by Jean-Philippe Perras) and the journey of his victims to bring the truth to light. In winter 2023 on Noovo.
  • Macha Grenon will also be in the next season of the popular series Transplant< /strong> (Transplanted) from CTV alongside Laurence Leboeuf (Dr. Magalie “Mags” Leblanc). Dubbed in French, on Noovo and Crave.