Machine de Cirque has fun with the river

Machine de Cirque s’amuse avec le fleuve

The river. Wide and close, you can see it every day. Machine de Cirque is inspired in the Saint-Laurent to create, in a few weeks, a course circassian ambulatory which deploys at the Bay of Beauport. A show made up of five stations that we discover in small groups, accompanied by guides and in compliance with the standards of the public health.

Four artists share the stage, the bustling activity that takes place in a port every day. They do this through balancing issues, of Korean board and trampo-wall. This resort offers an aerial ballet consisting of pirouettes very spectacular and that starts very beautiful way, the course ambulatory.

There are several wrecks at the bottom of the St. Lawrence. This table takes us into the depths of the river with a segment of poetic where the three artists are featured in numbers of bike freestyle, of Cyr wheel and straps.

The river is the theatre, every winter, large racing canoes. A man and a woman, trapped in the river ice and, in their boat, trying to get help. They engage in a spectacular number of roller skates. The duo performs a stunning series of ” 360 ” where we hold our breath at certain times.

Two artists are trying to reach a lighthouse, located in the top of a structure red and white consisting of chests stacked on top of each other, with the objective of turning it on.

This table, which is taking place in the water, on the edge of the river, and that one discovers the two feet in the sand, smiles and fun. A group of bathers come to disturb a fisherman, a small boat, teasing the fish. A number totally fun.


  • RIVER, which features 16 artists, is presented to new the 20, 21 and 22 August, 19: 30, 20: 30 and 21: 30. The free show is sold out, but seats are released, sometimes daily, on the site
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