Macron said, will the army to disperse the “yellow jackets”

Макрон рассказал, будет ли армия разгонять "желтых жилетов"

There were rumors about the involvement of the army.The protests of “yellow jackets” in Paris will disperse with the use of the army. On the eve of the latest protests on Saturday, March 23, said the President of France Emmanuel macron, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to him, the French army do not intend to engage in to restore order and disperse the street protests.

“Everyone needs to calm down. In any case the army in our country will not be used to maintain order, this is absolutely false rumors,” said macron.

Note, the rumors about the use of army units began to spread after it became known about the mobilization of troops Sentinelle, formed in Paris after the terrorist attacks of 2015.

Also it became known yesterday that the police had banned the protests of “yellow jackets” in Paris, which was scheduled for March 23. In particular, the ban came stock on the place Charles de Gaulle where the arc de Triomphe, and near the Elysee and Bourbon palaces.


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