Macron welcomes “a first victory” against the virus

Macron salue « une première victoire » contre le virus

The French president Emmanuel Macron welcomed Sunday a “first victory” against the coronavirus that has caused nearly 30,000 deaths in France, by announcing new measures déconfinement, including the re-opening total as of Monday of cafes and restaurants in the paris region.

“The fight against the epidemic is not over, but I am happy for this first victory against the virus,” said Mr. Macron in a televised speech the solemn.

“As of tomorrow, all of the territory, with the exception of Mayotte and French Guyana, where the virus still circulates actively (…) will be in the green zone , which will include a more robust recovery of the work and the reopening of cafés and restaurants in the Île-de-France “, said Mr Macron.

This measure was ardently demanded by the catering industry. Until now, in the cafes and restaurants in the paris region could not exploit their terraces.

The French president has also announced that schools and colleges would again become “mandatory” from June 22, while up to now the reception of the students was on a voluntary basis or in the capacity of the schools severely limited by a heavy health protocol.

Mr. Macron has also announced the resumption of visits in retirement homes, and residential facilities care for the elderly.

“We’re going to fully regain France “, has promised the French president is speaking for the 4th time since the beginning of the crisis of the sars coronavirus in march. “We don’t have to be ashamed of our balance sheet “, he also hammered, while the management of the crisis has been challenged on several occasions.

Noting that “500 billion euros” had been spent to deal with it, it has ruled out raising taxes to finance the expenditure related to the crisis.

“The only answer is to build a sustainable economic model and strong, to work and to produce more to not depend on others “, he said.

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