Made friends with climbers dog has an outstanding record

Подружившаяся с альпинистами собака установила впечатляющий рекорд

The dog became a true climber.

American climber don Wargowsky shared impressive story: while traveling in the Himalayan mountains the expedition arrived a stray dog dubbed the Measure, reports the with reference to Aspects.

So she made friends with the team that successfully climbed the mountain Baruntse (7129 m).

Perhaps this is the first time a dog got up there. Wargowski also said that the Measure showed impressive climbing skills and even ran ahead of the team in the last meters to the top.

Now the Measure, took to himself a Manager of the tourist base, she lives in Kathmandu. Dogs often employs lifeguards and shepherds in the mountains, but not as high as 7,000 m.


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