Made in Ukraine: why do Ukrainians have to buy clothes from China

Because of the cheap labor force in Ukraine sew clothes

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Made in Ukraine: почему украинцы вынуждены покупать одежду из Китая

85% of the Ukrainian clothing companies sew for foreigners

In Ukraine there are 1810 garment enterprises and 500 Shoe, but the domestic market gets only 12% are made there clothes and shoes. Journalists of the resonance project “Main topic” Elena and cat on the TV channel “Ukraine” to find out who actually work the Ukrainian dressmaker.

The majority of Ukrainian buyers in search of trendy new products coming to the stores advertised the European brands, because we believe – they sell things made in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK, so they are better any other. However, this is misleading.

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“The main theme” visited one of the factories where they prepare the collections for several brands. The geography of cooperation factory in Lviv is impressive – sew clothes for England, Spain, France and Germany. Daily 20 seamstresses produce an average of two to hundreds of items for the most famous European brands.

That Ukrainian women here sew clothes for well-known brands, do not believe even their own children, who buy clothes of the same brands in retail chains throughout Ukraine. That’s just wear what you sew with his own hands, the dressmaker can’t. First, the prices bite, and secondly, these products in Ukraine are not sold, they are produced for stores abroad.

Made in Ukraine: почему украинцы вынуждены покупать одежду из Китая

Ukrainian women sew clothes for foreign brands network

In the Ukrainian city of the same brands send party clothes, made in China and Bangladesh, so the clothes made by Ukrainians, mainly found on second-hand. 85% of the Ukrainian clothing companies sew for foreigners. And although they have all the power and the opportunity to work for local brands and produce clothing entirely of their own production, from design and pattern to the finished thing – they do not.

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“In Ukraine there is no large-scale production of tissues, to be able to compete. Therefore, it is necessary to work on raw materials supplied by foreign customer. It is profitable to buy our cheap labor, and we, however, have a job. We have set the norm and scale, how many units of what size we should make. The customer gives us everything: the fabrics, thread, and button, if necessary, and model, and patterns. We already own to cut out and send them in certain quantities,” says Director of horodots’ke garment factory in Lviv Danuta Revda.

In comparison with China, Ukraine is geographically closer to the countries where the created world fashion. But not only the location is attractive to foreign brands. In China wages dressmaker’s much better than its Ukrainian counterparts. On Gorodotska factory seamstresses receive 7-8 thousand hryvnia per month. Less than in Ukraine earn only dressmaker in Bangladesh, where they receive an average of 50$ a paycheck, Vietnam – 250-300$.

The clothes are sewn by women, which are sold in Europe must have the mark of Made in Ukraine, and it is a great achievement. Because a few years ago foreign brands hid the fact that sew things in Ukraine, and gave the work of our tailors.

The head of public organization “Ukrainian society of economic freedoms” Marian zablocki believes that to leave in the Ukrainian market of clothes, which are made by our dressmaker will help the lifting of import duties on raw materials:

“Made in Ukraine apparel remained in the country, it is necessary to cancel import duty on raw materials. So the manufacturer would not be dependent on the customer and possibly would want to develop its own model.”

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