Madeleine Péloquin: a marathon before another sprint

Madeleine Péloquin: un marathon avant un autre sprint

The last year has been responsible for Madeleine Péloquin, who added the filming of”Amber Alert”, And “up-country”, “The skids” as well as the representations of the “Singers” to Quebec and the play “shopping Center”, the Theater of today.

The actress of 41 years has taken advantage of the confinement period to recharge his batteries… before starting another marathon professional, including the whistle of departure should be given as soon as the cultural life picks up.

“I was really tired after that,” says Madeleine, in the interview. But it has been a really great year. And then, like everyone else, I found myself on leave. I’ve had the time to recharge myself and renew energy. I’m looking forward to that all going.”

And the train leaves precisely at a brisk pace for her when the pandemic will have lost momentum. Madeleine Péloquin said they look forward to being able to unveil two tv projects that are close to his heart, but she can’t speak for the moment. It will also be the sixth chapter of the “up-Country” in the skin of Angelique Pothier, and plans to go back on the boards soon. The Bog, the theatre company that she runs with her husband, Jean-François Nadeau, will also produce new concepts in 2021.

“When it will resume, I’m going to take vitamins, because it’s going to be busy!”, laughs the artist.

Meet the public

Series-shock VAT the autumn of last year, “Amber Alert”, where she played a mother grieving for the sudden disappearance of his two boys, Madeleine Péloquin said store of great memories and enjoy beautiful benefits.

“It has been really well received, and it was the first project, I would say, that allowed me to really meet the audience. And it remained throughout the year. About the “up-Country”, people say to me that they find my character fun or hateful, but “Amber Alert” was really upset. It has created a kind of emotional closeness that I had not yet shared with the public. People carry that emotion when they talk to me. It’s nice to see that it was impactful for many people.”

It is known that the psychological drama will have a sequel, a series derived (“spin-off”) in the name of”Alerts”, which will feature the Squad of investigators of”Amber Alert”, which will research on new cases. TVA has announced that the airing of “Alerts”, first scheduled in the fall, will be postponed, the filming could not begin as it was expected due to the COVID-19.

Business woman

It is an energy that is much different than that, dramatic, deployed in “Amber Alert”, as the actress puts forward in “The slips”.

In the third season of the fiction family performed by Christian Laurence, Madeleine Péloquin personifies Arianne Bernard, a rich business woman owner of an automobile of women, Athena, who takes Julia (Camille Felton) and her friend, Audrey-Eve (Charlotte Aubin) under his wing.

From the first episode, we understand that Julia has just won a scholarship thanks to Arianne, which was the eye bright, watching the young driver to sign his contract. The patron may need to manage the conflicts of rivalry that pits its two protected.

“It is broad in the region, says Madeleine Péloquin about Arianne. She is very involved, both in his own businesses than in the chamber of commerce of women. I find it interesting his vision, that puts women to the front. Often, women in business are portrayed with a lot of authority, firmness, and hardness, but Arianne knows how to get it with much openness, a great sense of justice, loyalty and righteousness.”

Mom of two girls 8 and 12 years old, Madeleine Péloquin said to have watched all the episodes of “The skids” with his elder, and have been fascinated by the roar of the engines, immerse yourself in the world of motor racing.

“This is what is great in our business, entering new universe. I was surprised to me with a passion for automobile racing time to play Arianne (laughter). With the cars, uniforms, boarding. I’m not gone to see the races after the shooting, but I found Camille (Felton) and Charlotte (Aubin) well lucky to be able to drive!”

  • The three seasons of “The slips” are available on Club illico. You may wish to review excerpts of”Amber Alert” to the
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