Madonna, Beyonce, Bieber: Ukrainian stars called their idols

Celebrity told, whose concerts have been attended by pleasure

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Celebrities have many fans that add to their popularity. Ukrainian stars also have their idols and told about them.

The young singer Michelle Andrade, who recently spoke about his friends, admitted equals in the world of celebrities, and she loves to visit their concerts, even if they are in another country.

“I was at a Justin Bieber concert with my beloved. And I think… I hope it will still be albums, tours, I will go”, – says the singer.

Мадонна, Бейонсе, Бибер: украинские звезды назвали своих кумиров

Michelle Andrade

Michelle admits that she especially remembered the Justin Bieber concert in Prague. The singer was touched by his speech she was waiting for a long 10 years!

“Yes, I love it because it’s real. I love that he is who he is. He can wear a skirt, then in the middle of the concert to take it off to change my pants right on stage. Lie, cry, anything. And it’s cool,” the singer says.

But the producer of the singer Irina Gorovaya told reporters that more like festivals than just concerts. Freedom is her element. But in spite of this, Irina wants to attend concerts of favorite artists.

Мадонна, Бейонсе, Бибер: украинские звезды назвали своих кумиров

Irina Gorovaya

“I liked Rihanna, and I like LP. I plan to go to her concert,” says the Biol.

Irina said – she is a true fan of the artists he works with.

“I have no artist I’m a fan, but their artists with whom we work. Because I’m really a fan of their work and I, as probably my mother with them, they are for me very native and close”, – said Irina.

Singer Jamal, who said he will take a break for the birth of her second child, admitted that she’s a fan of Ukrainian artists and willingly goes to their concerts.

Мадонна, Бейонсе, Бибер: украинские звезды назвали своих кумиров


“I think I was on every concert. Gig tonight and MONATIK, and Babkin, I was at the concert, Pianoboy, The Hardkiss, they had an incredible show recently,” recalled the singer.

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