Madonna pays poignant tribute to the producer who discovered her

Madonna pays poignant tribute to the producer who discovered her


Madonna paid a moving tribute to Seymour Stein, the founder of Sire Records. 

The New York producer died on Sunday (2 April 23) at his home in Los Angeles after battling cancer. He was 80 years old. The following day, Madonna posted a moving message in which she saluted the memory of Seymour Stein, which launched her musical career.

“Seymour Stein has left us! It takes my breath away. He was one of the most influential men in my life! He changed and shaped my life (sic),” she began.

Madonna then recalled that she was so determined to meet Seymour Stein, when she was trying to be signed in the record label in the early 80s, that she first met him in the hospital where he was recovering from treatment for a heart condition.

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“When I met him he was lying in a hospital bed, wearing boxer shorts and a tank top! He had a cannula in his nose and a drip in his arm! He smiled like the Cheshire Cat,” continued the Queen of Pop. “I was carrying my giant boombox, ready to play my tape for him immediately! He smiled and laughed when he saw me and asked me if I was from the family of the Virgin Mary! Hahahhahahaha. I knew we would get along well. I made him listen to my song (Everybody) several times. He signed me to his label that very day!”

Concluding her post, Madonna thanked Seymour Stein for seeing her potential and changing the course of her life “forever.” .

“I'm crying writing this. Words cannot describe what I felt at that moment, after years of hard work, misery and slamming doors in my face,” she added. 

“Anyone who knew Seymour knows his passion for music and his flawless taste. He had one ear! He was intense, incredibly funny, a little crazy, and deeply intuitive. Dearest Seymour, you will never be forgotten! Thank you!”