Maes and Ninho form a duo in the clip “Remote”

Clip “Remote” : Maes and Ninho associate on the album “The last men”

It is the 17th of January 2020 that Maes will release their second album “The last guys” ! A new disqué teasé by the securities Street and Distant in feat with Ninho, which the clip has just been unveiled. The two rappers form a team of shock, in full evening luxurious, surrounded by beautiful girls.

Maes and Ninho pulls out the clip from the Remote

Maes has been a regular the year 2018 with his album “Pure”, carried by the sounds Madrina with Booba, Mama and Green Tickets. A year and a half after these promising beginnings, the rapper intends to reproduce the same pattern with his new album “The last men” which he has unveiled the tracklist on Instagram. The program ? 14 pieces : we already had a small taste with Street and Distant in feat with Ninho. To continue the promo of his project studio, Maes unveils the clip for his collab with the interpreter Drop of water.

While Maes takes care of the money, Ninho waiting patiently in a nightclub surrounded by beautiful girls. The two rappers then go back in head-to-head in a chic place to talk about business. “Remote, remote, paro, I become distant / Not change before half-time, I’m biff, it is obvious the Field, boloss, tickets in the ghetto, / 24, 27, it depends on the joints / In my bedroom, they will get up to six, all for the biff“, and sway on the chorus.

Booba’t happy

On “The last guys”, Maes has only invited Ninho… which doesn’t really appeal to Booba, who was on “Pure”. “I’m waiting for your call ! I have left several messages for a feat ! Ca is not. I’m still not over the guy” has entrusted B2O video before you react to the tracklist of the album : “You can repost in bigger kind you zoom because I do not see my name it is weird. I’m going to call kiki! Allo? Yes?! Who is it? This is kiki.

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