Maes tease his new album “The last men” with Remote, his feat with Ninho

“Remote” : Maes invites Ninho on his new album “The last men”

A year after the release of “Pure”, Maes is ready to unsheathe his second album “The last salopars”. This is the 17 January 2020 that the rapper will unveil his opus. In the meantime, it gives us a little taste with a Remote, a feat quite effective with Ninho : listen-the on PRBK.

Maes joins to Ninho on Remote

The year 2020 will she be Maes ? We hope for the rapper. We especially hope that his second album “The last men” won a great success, “Pure”, released in 2018. It must be said that he set the bar very high with his first opus, carried by the tube Madrina in feat with Booba. For the moment, we do not know the tracklist of the disc, but we already know that it will be composed of a single Street and a few feats.

There will be a particular one with… Ninho. This Friday 20 December 2019 that Maes has unveiled their piece effective, Remote : “Remote, remote, paro, I get remote Not change before half-time, I’m biff, it is obvious that Field, boloss, tickets in the ghetto, 24, 27, it depends on the joints In my bedroom, they will get up to six, all for the biff“, rap the two artists on the chorus catchy. With this collab, “The last men”, the output of which is scheduled for January 17, 2020, looks very promising !

Booba jealous ?

Just like Ninho, Booba would also like to participate in the second album of Maes. Since a few weeks, the enemy of Kaaris sends a few tackles funny enough the interpreter to Mama : “I wait for your call ! I have left several messages for a feat ! I know that it remains the place on the album, I called Universal ! Ca is not. I’m not finished yet guys !“, he posted on Instagram. Booba has also sent a message to Maes with the help of his son Omar : “Your album is ready, it is coming out soon ? Thou hast not been invited, I’m a little disappointed. Manure, is all.” Always so much love 😂 In short, B20 sulks !

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