Maeva and Laura unrecognizable because of plastic surgery ? They respond to the criticisms

Maeva et Laura méconnaissables à cause de la chirurgie esthétique ? Elles répondent aux critiques

Maeva and Laura unrecognizable because of plastic surgery ? They respond to the criticisms

On the social networks, a photo of Maeva Ghennam and Laura Lempika has reacted to many internet users. You can see the ones that you had been able to follow in The Marseille VS. the rest of The world 4 on W9 coming out of a new plastic surgery operation. The contestants of reality tv are drawn and completely unrecognizable. Following criticism, and ridicule of internet users, they have responded.

Maeva Ghennam and Laura Lempika mocked on the networks

The president of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron has been mocked on Twitter, but it is far from the only one. The contestants of reality tv Maeva Ghennam and Laura Lempika have also received several teasing on the app. If the head of State, that his accent in English that got a laugh out of a good number of tweeters, to the two bimbos, this is their last plastic surgery operation which has been ridiculed. On a photo posted on several social networks, one can see that the girlfriends have both had recourse to the same technique to obtain a cat-like glance sexy. Except that instead of it, they found themselves drawn and inflated.

In the comments of Instagram and Twitter of this picture, people are being released : “They have disfigured”, “My god, what horror”, “It looks like nothing”, “Is not recognize at all this is the sisters Bogkanov or what???”, “It looks like they are wax”.

In his story, Insta, Maeva was first admitted to suffer because of the botox injected near the eyes to have a look of cat : “I’m super wrong with my botox, it pulls me to the grave ! But like, it’s going to serious relax. Because in 4-5 days I would have already lost 70%. But it hurts too bad”. Then Laura and she responded to attacks on their physical and their “new” faces.

The two friends respond to the criticisms

The one that you will see soon in Marseille in the Caribbean has thus ensured that it, and the one that is soon to be married with Nikola Lozina have laughed a lot reading the messages : “No but really death of laughter which revolves about us on Twitter ! No, but if you believe that we not laugh. In fact, we laugh as much as you. But not really eh. Even more !”.

In addition to show their self-deprecating humor, Maeva and Laura took their last operation in cosmetic surgery which does not please everyone. Yes the contestants of reality tv know that they are “unrecognizable on the photo : “It is not like most people, one assumes. We will not leave the network and not to film themselves for a week. It assumes” said the elder of the two.

On Instagram, they then posted a series of photos by writing in the caption : “Insta VS backstage reality and our photos are not retouched”. On the images, Maeva and Laura seem to be again the same as before. This is because their skins would have finished by well soak up the botox, so their faces look more relaxed, and released as explained by the southern.

On Snapchat, Maeva Ghennam is then shown exiting yet another plastic surgery operation. Despite the pain of the injections, it is ironed on the table. But for any other thing. “I’m going to do a lipo of the arms. I grew bigger ! You know that I made the plans size to inject the fat in my butt. Suddenly, I exploded ! By exploding, I have serious bigger arms”, “and I will remove the thighs too,” she explained in the story.

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