Magali Combes Bride for a second professional life at Ifas de Millau

Magali Combes Bride for a second professional life at Ifas de Millau

Magali Combes Bride trains at Ifas in Millau. Free lunch – Pauline Chaliez

The mother is undergoing professional retraining at Ifas in Millau.

This is a carefully considered project that Magali Combes Bride is currently carrying out. Indeed, at 45 years old, she is now training at Ifas in Millau. "I first worked in catering, then I was a care assistant for 10 years. I discovered and loved this job, that’s when I wanted to be a caregiver." If this desire becomes clear quickly, her three children being young, she postpones her career change and works in a business in Coupiac, her village. Her last child being 18 years old, she said to herself: "It’is now or never".

"Let's dive back into school"

She contacted Pôle emploi which supported her in her approach on an administrative and financial level. She registered at Ifas in Millau and her application was accepted. During the oral interview, the trainers, as with all future students, question his ability to complete this project. "We're diving back into school, you have to be able to sit behind a desk, accept being pushed around. They tried to find out if I was ready for that, for sacrifices, if I had the time and the will to invest myself completely", says Magali Combes Bride.


The mother actually had to adapt her daily life, at least due to the geographical distance from her home: "1h15 drive morning and in the evening that was not possible, I was lucky enough to be staying with my brother. I do not regret having waited until my children were grown up because I would have had to neglect either my family or the training if I had done it earlier." She adds: "The IFAS in Millau is a small school, which supports students with rigor. We obtain a real diploma, they don't fill out the promos to fill in, it gives credibility to the AS profession which has often been mistreated." She mentions the new reference system of 2021 which includes 10 modules and 11 skills to acquire. "We study pathologies, the meaning of care, clinical analysis and today we provide procedures such as blood pressure measurement or capillary blood sugar levels. There is real cohesion in the healthcare teams where everyone's voice is taken into account without hierarchy."

"The team of trainers is caring"

On training, Magali Combes Bride evokes "something that should not be seen as insurmountable. You have to be confident, put things into perspective. From the moment it is a choice, we do not endure it. For those who have doubts, the team of trainers is friendly. From the moment we put in the work, everything is done to pull us up. School behavior comes back quickly, it’s quite astonishing to relive that as an adult", she confides delighted. If Magali Combes Bride has a "leaning towards hospital services" because she appreciates the technical aspect of the profession, she says herself open: "I'm waiting to see what the next 2 courses will bring me. Once I graduate, I would like to discover several services until the end of my professional career, concludes the caregiver.

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