“Magic Mike: Last Dance”: Nothing Lifts


Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh have taken away everything that made the charm and magic of the previous films. 

This third episode of the tribulations of dancer Mike (Channing Tatum, who also produced the feature) feels like it was written, directed, acted and choreographed by an artificial “intelligence”.

Wanting to give a female point of view this time with the character of Salma Hayek, screenwriter Reid Carolin helped by Channing Tatum, thought it would be fashionable to add a love story, thus falling head over heels first in the trap of clichés and repetitions in the most bland rose water. Because, we know only too well what happens when men claim to know what women expect in terms of romance.

In fact, “Magic Mike: Last Dance” is void of any substance. Mike travels to London after Max (Salma Hayek who had no need to add this turnip to her filmography) asks him to show a show of naked dancers. First problem: the total lack of chemistry between Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek. Second problem: their replicas being atrocious, the two actors necessarily play badly. Third problem and not the least: in the head of the male screenwriter, a woman in love ceases to be sexy. Result: Last in” does not include any stripping scenes. We are entitled, twice, to the slightly naked body of Tatum, but nothing more.

Yes, everything is too wise and too serious in this romantic comedy that does not want to assume itself. The plot, a kind of Pretty Woman in reverse, is an insult to the intelligence of the spectators. The situations are of a distressing platitude and the show, edited by Mike and presented in the finale of the feature film, is totally boring.

As the other would say: “Circulate, there's nothing to have.” Too bad, we could have used a little heat during this too long month of February.

  • Note: 1 out of 5