Magic twine Volochkova doubled the army of suitors: “my Husband is gone…”

Магический шпагат Волочковой удвоил армию ухажеров: "Муж ушел..."

today, 19:15

Known lover to sit down on a twine, ballerina Anastasia Volochkova recently published his memoir, which frankly told about a very unpleasant habit. The memoir is called “payment for success”. As it turned out, the dancer repeatedly stealing married men from their families.

By the way, Volochkova always chose rich businessmen, and people who don’t really know in the circles of showbiz. And Yes, the Anastasia, as was also annoyed that offended her women went on TV and accused her of all mortal sins.

Магический шпагат Волочковой удвоил армию ухажеров: "Муж ушел..."

Anastasia Volochkova, Gorzavel

In addition, the dancer confessed in secret that crazy success that it enjoys with the opposite sex. It turns out that all the fault of the original split famous actress.

“My choices, whatever they were rich, in his circle of very influential people. They, like all big business, not too well-known to the General public. Tell their ex-wives and girlfriends reporters that the men of them just left, it is not enough to be interested in someone. But it is quite another thing if the husband went to Volochkova, — it’s a scandal, a sensation! I wish I could tell them that they finally ceased to live my life, and took up his., – writes a famous dancer in his memoirs.

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