Magical and extraordinary

Magique et extraordinaire

“We lived something extraordinary and amazing. It was magical. “

Angèle Dubeau and the musicians of La Pietà have succeeded in their bet a little crazy to perform in front of boaters and swimmers on lake Tremblant.

The first of two concerts presented on Saturday was a total success.

“We would not have been able to imagine even in our wildest dreams, it could be as magical as this. This was a first for everyone, a big challenge and it has been well noted. It was really fun “, has launched the violinist, during a phone interview.

The musicians, who were on a floating stage, have played in front of boats, kayaks, small boats and even swimmers.

“This human contact with the public gave me a burst of adrenaline incredible,” said the musician, who is greatly missed by the public.

There has been no seed techniques, the waves too rough and the weather was at the rendez-vous. Everything went perfectly and little adjustments are to be expected for the concert of Saturday on the lake Mercier.

“I have been making a visit on the floating dock, Thursday, around 17 h, to see where the sun would be positioned. I found that it was to be directly in my eyes and on the violin. I had planned to decline a bit, at the concert, but a small cloud arrived just at the right time, as if I had arranged it with the guy views “, she narrated.


And the fears about the movement of the scene on the water vanished quickly.

“I brought the girls to repeat on the stage, the morning of the concert, instead of doing it inside like it was planned. It allowed us to see what it was like to be, and our brain could adapt to this situation. We are then mounted on the stage 30 minutes before the concert to get used to new sensations “, she informed, saying that she had had to work his stabilizer muscles.

The musicians will play, Saturday, on a floating dock and a lake that will be different.

“At lac Tremblant, it was the Maison Symphonique. There, it will be the salle Bourgie. It’s going to be a different atmosphere, ” dropped the violinist.

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