Magical journey in Gaspésie with Frida

Magical journey to Gaspésie with Frida


This summer, Frida leaves her native Mexico to visit her correspondent Claudine in Gaspésie. A journey that Sophie Faucher and illustrator Cara Carmina have undertaken together. The memories of this trip sprinkle magic on the pages of the superb album Frida en Gaspésie!

< strong>This is the fourth installment in your series of youth albums on Frida Kahlo. Take us back to the beginnings of this literary adventure…

Sophie Faucher

Sophie Faucher: I have been playing Frida Kahlo for years, in the theatre. One day, a friend said to me: “Since the time you tell Frida for adults, why don't you tell her story to children? ” He told me I would find the words to do it and I believed him. The first album told about Frida's childhood. Through the magic of the illustrations – and perhaps of her temperament and the text – little Frida was successful.

Why take Frida to Gaspésie?

S. F.: Gaspésie is a corner of the country that I know very well. I go there every year. With Cara, we made the trip. My favorite Mexican didn't know Gaspésie (laughs)! 

Cara Carmina

Cara Carmina: We did a road trip there, in September, October 2021. I fell in love with this beautiful corner.

S. F.: Several anecdotes from our trip can be found in the plot of the album. We really buried little scraps of paper in Cannes-de-Roches, so that wishes come true. And it works ! We went to Percé…

C. C.: And at the Reford Gardens.

The Northern Lights are magically and magnificently illustrated there…

C. C.: Sophie has been inspired by the Gaspé Peninsula for years, but she wanted to help me have even more images in my head. And it worked very well. It was a really interesting artistic experience. 

With the arrival of good weather, Frida in Gaspésie< strong>is a great tool for traveling in Quebec!

S. F.: Absolutely. And there is a nice surprise in the album: a glow-in-the-dark page. I'm a baby with this, but it really makes me dream as much as the little ones! 

What do you think makes Gaspésie so beautiful? Or what is your favorite place in Gaspésie?

C. C.: The Percé Rock region. The nature, the village, the architecture… The big house on the cliff, with the red roof… The birds, the sea… For me, it represents the whole communion of Gaspésie!

S. F.: Forillon National Park. I got up more than once very early in the morning to watch the sunrise on the rock, at the “ boutte ” of the world. For me, Forillon Park is loaded with great moments of emotion. In closing, I would like to say: “To the life that unites us”. In Gaspésie, that's how we toast and I think it's a wonderful expression!