Maisie Williams has said goodbye to “Game of thrones” makeover

The actress is not the first time experimenting with his looks

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Мэйси Уильямс простилась с "Игрой престолов" сменой имиджа

Maisie Williams /

Famous actors who played the main roles in the TV series “Game of thrones“, different say goodbye to a favorite project. For example, Emilia Clarke wrote a touching post and published photographs from the set. But the 22-year-old Maisie Williams once again changed the hair color. The girl was blonde and now it is not like her character Arya stark.

What hair color in fashion:

The actress published images posing by a brick wall. In the one picture of Macy wearing a black hoodie and denim jacket, the other in the oversized sweater with dark green stripes.

Мэйси Уильямс простилась с "Игрой престолов" сменой имиджа

Maisie Williams / Photo:

It should be noted that during the time elapsed after the shooting Macy has managed several times to change the color of the hair. She tried purple colour, and had pink hair.

“Another proof that you suit any hair color”, “You’re a wonderful actress and person. Shine like your hair,” wrote the followers Williams.

Recall that not only Maisie Williams changed the color of the hair. Her on-screen sister and girlfriend in real life, actress Sophie Turner dyed her hair platinum blonde and asked fans on the social network to evaluate a new hairstyle.

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