Major demonstration by school bus drivers in Quebec

Major protest by school bus drivers in Quebec City


Hundreds of school bus drivers from across the province gathered in front of the National Assembly to defend their rights. 

The group would be made up of about a hundred buses and a large number of drivers on site.

“It's the reconnaissance convoy, because it's been more than 20 We've been trying to get recognition for years,” proclaimed Josée Dubé, president of the FEESP-CSN school transportation sector.

“It's a historic event, it's unheard of. We are at least more than a thousand people with a hundred buses,” she continued.


< p> “We ask that it no longer be a job but a recognized profession with a decent salary. The salary we have shows that we lack recognition and a fairly paid salary,” said Ms. Dubé indignantly.

The demonstration should last until 1 p.m.


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