Major event, pandemic… why a change on Airbnb from June 6 agitates conspiracy networks ?

Major event, pandemic… why a change on Airbnb from June 6 agitates conspiracy networks ?

Dans une vidéo largement relayée, un homme anonyme avance que le changement de politique de remboursement de Airbnb n’est pas lié au hasard. Capture X

The Airbnb rental platform has updated its refund policy for "major events" end of March. Effective date, June 6. A modification which quickly gave rise to conspiracy theories.

"Airbnb knows something". A typical postulate of the complosphere, which has been agitated since the end of March around a supposed event, which could occur from June 6.

Presented as evidence, this is the change to the "Extraordinary Circumstances Policy" of Airbnb, which takes effect on this date, which agitates the most suspicious minds.

"Something very dark"

Containment, new pandemic, cancellation of the Olympic Games… Theories are rife and are encouraged by conspiracy videos circulating on social networks like X.

On one of them, viewed more than 50,000 times, a masked man announces this change in platform policy, asking "what will happen on June 6, 2024". According to him, the new refund policy, which applies in the event of exceptional events, from this date, proves that the platform is aware of something very dark

France Info directly questioned Airbnb about this theory, which denies any confidential information. "These allegations are false and do not reflect our policy", indicates the company which is currently changing its refund policy, indicates a window in top of page dedicated to "extraordinary circumstances policy".

But the events listed – "epidemics", "military operations", "large-scale breakdowns"-, are enough to fuel the fire of the conspiracists who quickly draw out the classic rhetoric: "there is no such thing as chance".

What does the date ?


To further fuel the conspiracy theory, the man in the video underlines that the choice of the date, June 6, 2024, (6/6/24) refers to the number 666, associated with the devil in the Western Christian imagination, as Le Monde recalls in an article devoted to the pitfalls of conspiratorial discourse.

The date also corresponds to the European elections or the anniversary of the landing, "one of the greatest human sacrifices of the world’ human history", mentions another video relayed on Tiktok.

In short, so many strings on which conspiracy theories regularly pull. France Info recalls that this type of speech, purely based on emotion as important deadlines approach, always arouses more reactions .

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