Major League Baseball: Mookie Betts at the US Open… bowling

Major baseball: Mookie Betts at the US Open... bowling


Los Angeles Dodgers star player Mookie Betts is not only talented at baseball, but bowling as well. 

The outfielder competed in the US Open of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) which is presented in Indianapolis this year, according to the official site of major baseball.

Among the 108 participants of this prestigious tournament, he knew how to pull out of the game during the first day of qualifying, which he finished in 61st place with an average of 192. He notably had a match of 234.

The rest of the test was not easy for the latter who dropped drastically on Wednesday and Thursday to 100th place with an average of 184. An insufficient performance to allow him to qualify for the elimination round.

Betts received an exemption from the organizers in order to participate in this competition. Participants played eight games a day for three days for a total of 24.

The former Boston Red Sox player has never hidden his passion for bowling. He hits the aisles daily during the off-season and has scored a perfect 300 at least five times, the most recent being last year at his 30th birthday celebration.

In fact, he won a PBA event in 2019.