Make It Smart: the results of the project and the experience of the Ukrainian students from the trip to Europe

“Today” talking about how students of the leading Ukrainian universities are looking for technological solutions that will help make life in their cities more comfortable

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Make It Smart: результаты проекта и впечатления украинских студентов от поездки в Европу

Make It Smart: результаты проекта и впечатления украинских студентов от поездки в Европу

Finalists of the Make It Smart

Lviv – Warsaw – Berlin – Brzeg – Wroclaw – Kraków. This is the way that our finalists Make It Smart has overcome in the search for technological solutions to make life in their cities more comfortable. Now our heroes are coming home. But not just back from a trip to a European big city, and with new knowledge and well-developed systematic approach to startup.

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Make It Smart: as the Ukrainian students presented their innovative projects in Warsaw

Recall that the students were carrying completely different projects in Europe to assess experts in the field of smart city. After the presentations and discussion of ideas, Polish and German experts advised the guys to finalize the technical part of their projects, and also drew the attention of students to conduct research in the initial phase to assess feasibility of startups in the country.

Make It Smart: результаты проекта и впечатления украинских студентов от поездки в Европу

Make It Smart – the presentation of start-UPS in Berlin

Again the students projects:

Dnipro – Polytechnica: EasySort – suggested motivational mobile app for waste sorting. The user captures how the user sorts the waste, and in return receives bonuses that can be redeemed for goods or services;

– Zaporozhye Polytechnic: Disparit – project on the use of piezoelectric elements (crystals that when compressed generate electricity) in the social improvement of buildings and public spaces where a lot of people going;

– Lviv Polytechnic: Smart Valve – automatic control system of heat distribution in residential buildings, which will allow to solve the problem when, during the heating season in some apartments are too hot, others too cold.

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Presentation of projects by the finalists of the Make It Smart in Berlin: what the experts said

As told “Today” the Dean of the Polytechnic faculty of the National University “Zaporizhzhya University” Nikolai Antonov, such projects are very useful for young specialists, technicians, as they are the future of our country.

“The draft Make It Smart became the incentive for further education students. The guys figured out what they lack and understand what the business as a whole. At the moment, is a very good experience and the opportunity to show themselves”, – said Nikolay Leonidovich.

According to him, earlier such projects seemed fantastic, but now their implementation is possible. If not immediately, but Ukraine will come to this.

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Tech city: project participants Make It Smart visited factories Poland

“All projects need investment, and now many startups are faced immediately with the technical side because to justify economically the idea very easy and simple, but technically not always possible, for various reasons, including legislative. Now in the Ukrainian market there is a failure with the techies, so students have a chance to fill these gaps. So not so fast, but we will come to the realization of smart city projects. Such ideas and startups will be to increase the prestige of the country, development of tourist destinations. Yes, it will be hard, but there are prospects,” – said the representative of the Zaporozhye Polytechnic.

In turn, the finalists of the project is very grateful to their universities for the opportunity to gain invaluable experience, which in the future will help them to change their city and country for the better.

Maria Filenko, the team Dnipro Polytechnic

Make It Smart: результаты проекта и впечатления украинских студентов от поездки в Европу

Maria Filenko

The first time I was in Europe and very grateful for the opportunity. I admit that I liked Poland more than Germany. However, each meeting with experts from the field of smart city has been incredibly useful for us. Now there is a clear understanding of what a startup. Our project EasySort is all worked out, and in certain circumstances to postpone, because in the field of waste disposal at this stage the necessary changes in the Ukrainian legislation”.

Timur Fursaev, the team of Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic

Make It Smart: результаты проекта и впечатления украинских студентов от поездки в Европу

Timur Fursaev

“The overall impression of the travel in Europe – great! New places, fun, emotions… By the way, from this amount of information, the common criticism of experts, and fast travel around the cities a bit tired and sometimes it was hard. However, all this has made us and our projects better! At the moment Disparit ready, but to implement this idea, Ukrainians should be prepared for “green energy”. All we have, and we certainly hope so!”

Vadim Krzanowski and Roman Karplyuk, the team of Lviv Polytechnic

Make It Smart: результаты проекта и впечатления украинских студентов от поездки в Европу

The students of the Lviv Polytechnic

Vadim: “it was Very interesting to participate in Make It Smart. We learned a lot for themselves and in terms of business and life. According to experts, our project is good, but it must properly implement at the technical level. That is, initially, to conduct a real experiment or study, and look at the resulting data, and then we clearly outline economic model.”

Novel: “Taking into account the comments of the experts had many questions about the monetization of the project, we spent a number of models on which you can try to implement the idea. We plan to carry out the installation of our system of regulating the supply of heating Smart Valve, to learn all the potential problems they could encounter in the future. Getting accurate results, we’ll know whether it is possible to save on heating with the help of our system comparing with Central heating in the future to conduct a detailed analysis to help us improve the project.”

Make It Smart: результаты проекта и впечатления украинских студентов от поездки в Европу

Make It Smart – Warsaw

A journey through the European smart city – the best start for students who want to make their country better and smarter. Even if not immediately succeed, but already have a lot of grounds and laid a solid Foundation for innovation.

“We were pleased to host this informative smart journey for the guys, very cool to see how inspired the European city. The next step is a technical revision of the project proposals together with the experts. And then DTEK will consider the finished student projects for inclusion in the Program of social partnership. I really hope that the boys will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of his ideas! And we will continue to develop partnership projects in the educational sphere”, – said the Manager of the sustainable development of DTEK Energo Alina Sulkowska.

Stay tuned to see what successes await the finalists Make It Smart in the future. Believe in the new possibilities of Ukraine, because together we can do anything!

About the contest:

Make It Smart competition of student projects to improve infrastructure of cities using new technologies and taking into account the principles of a Smart City. Is supported by DTEK, in partnership with leading universities.

The contest helps to understand what innovative solutions are needed Ukrainian cities. Budding innovators will receive design recommendations from the experts and gurus of the industry, Smart City*.

The team whose project will win, will be able to put it into practice.

*Smart city (smart city) is the principle use of modern technology to improve the quality of life in cities and villages.

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