Make It Smart: Ukrainian students are looking for the best technology to Ukraine

The best start for students wanting to hit the country projects in the field of Smart City, is the contest Make It Smart, which holds the energy holding DTEK, in partnership with the leading Ukrainian universities

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Make It Smart: украинские студенты ищут лучшие технологии для Украины

Make It Smart: украинские студенты ищут лучшие технологии для Украины

And these are the finalists Make It Smart – students of those universities that seek to change the country. They are active and advanced innovators and European travel in the big city looking for technological solutions that will help make life in their cities more comfortable

Meet the team of finalists Make It Smart

The team of National University “Lviv Polytechnic”the Team of National University “Dnipro Politekhnika”national University “Zaporizhzhya University”1/3

Berlin, Warsaw, Brzeg, wrocław – these cities have already seen and evaluated the projects of Ukrainian students. A high-tech enterprises, the guys noticed new solutions, which may appear to us.

For the right to go to Europe fought more than 100 people from Lviv, Dnieper, Zaporozhye. After the hackathon, the jury selected the finalists with the following projects:

Dnipro – Polytechnica: EasySort – suggested motivational mobile app for waste sorting. The user commits as he sorts the waste, and in return receives bonuses that can be redeemed for goods or services;

– Zaporozhye Polytechnic: Disparit – project on the use of piezoelectric elements (crystals that when compressed generate electricity) in the social improvement of buildings and public spaces where a lot of people going;

– Lviv Polytechnic: Smart Valve – automatic control system of heat distribution in residential buildings, which will allow to solve the problem when, during the heating season in some apartments are too hot, others too cold.

Advice from European experts will help the teams to finalize the projects.

What will advise Ukrainian innovators, we will tell with the next releases of our special project.

Watch as students presented their startups:

About the contest:

Make It Smart – contest of student projects to improve infrastructure of cities using new technologies and taking into account the principles of a Smart City. Is supported by DTEK, in partnership with leading universities.

The contest helps to understand what innovative solutions are needed Ukrainian cities. Budding innovators will receive design recommendations from the experts and gurus of the industry, Smart City*.

The team whose project will win, will be able to put it into practice.

*Smart city (smart city) is the principle use of modern technology to improve the quality of life in cities and villages.

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