Make the most of fall and winter

Enjoy autumn and winter well


Nature in autumn and winter has a lot to offer you. Through the network of infrastructures available in Quebec, there is a way to tame these seasons and take advantage of them.

For hunters, fall means a time of intense activity. They find themselves in the forest to compete with moose, deer or small game. Migratory bird hunters are not left out with the abundance of different species. For people who do not hunt, there is still a way to enjoy the magnificent spectacle that nature offers us during these two seasons.

“We are lucky in Quebec to have the fall that we experience every year, with all the changes in colors and scenery, explained Simon Boivin, communications manager at Sépaq. In national parks, for example, hiking in autumn will allow visitors to contemplate a whole new landscape, a completely different experience. 

“We have created a network of hundreds of kilometers of trails for everyone. walker levels. Everyone can find something there. In the fall, people can also cycle. Some parks also have unique specific activities such as Parc national du Mont-Mégantic with its observatory. 

“Visitors can dive into the farthest reaches of the universe. There is access to photographic material from the latest telescope that has just been launched. This means that people can contemplate unique images. We can also think of Mont-Orford Park with its color festival. Truly, national parks have a lot to offer in the fall. Also, a very important point, there are no mosquitoes and as the temperature is cooler, the hikes can become more pleasant for many. »

The specialist gave us several other examples, such as the new floating walkway in Parc national d'Oka. Visitors are on the bay surrounded by vegetation that takes on the colors of fall.


Currently, big game hunting in full swing in the network of wildlife reserves. Shortly, small game enthusiasts will be on site to outsmart grouse and grouse.

For me, small game hunting is an opportunity to have a very interesting fall experience. We can enjoy the colors and smells that only autumn can offer us. These unique territories are available for the population that wants to take advantage of them. There are initiation trails that allow anyone who wants to experience an adventure in autumn, in these immense forests. There is day hunting available throughout the network of reserves.

It is also possible to go hiking in several sites.

You can reserve cabins on reserves for fall vacationing. You will then have the opportunity to discover all that it is possible to do, instead of hating the fall.


In winter, again, it is possible to enjoy both national parks and wildlife reserves, to experience interesting adventures.

Thus, in the parks, several activities are offered such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing and more. There is even the possibility of Fat Bike.

In the case of wildlife reserves, several sites are also available. For example, in the Portneuf wildlife reserve, several cabins are equipped for the winter. Around these infrastructures, very well adapted to winter, there are various activities such as ice fishing, cross-country ski trails, snowshoeing, skating rinks and more. 

In the Laurentides wildlife reserve, in the Devlin and Lac à Noël sectors, there are well-insulated and equipped cabins for a winter stay. Here again, several activities are on the program to help you tame winter.

The best thing to do to find out about all of Sépaq's offer for fall and winter , is to go to the website. As these stays are popular, it is best to book as early as possible.

In winter, Fat Bike rides are featured in several national parks.

Other offers

It is also possible to experience great fall or winter adventures in the network of Quebec outfitters and the ZECs.

Several outfitters are available during these seasons to offer fishing and ice fishing, hiking, quad or snowmobile adventures.

For example, we can mention the outfitter of Lac Blanc or the outfitter of Lac-à-l’Eau-Claire. In the Monts-Valin, the Poulin de Courval and Monts-Valin du Archer outfitters offer off-trail snowmobiling and ice fishing trips, in the comfort of their facilities adapted to the harsh conditions of this part of the country. You can find out everything by visiting the site 

Using the search engine, you can build a stay as you wish, in the region you have chosen .

Several Zecs also offer fall and winter activities. The best thing to do to discover them is to go to the website You will find all the relevant information there.

Experiencing fall or winter adventures in nature is possible throughout Quebec. The choice is yours.

Enjoy autumn and winter