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Make way for “Revolution on tour”: 19 dancers to impress you

Time for “Revolution on tour”: 19 dancers for you to impress


The professional dancers of the Revolution on tour show have been rehearsing for weeks to impress them during their trip across the Belle Province.

Samuel Cyr, Ann-Florence Bégin, Ophélie Bégin, Marie-Josée Corriveau, Emma Côté, Angélyk Delisle-Hevey, Adriano Ieropoli, Mikaël Larivière St-Hilaire, Alexandre Leblanc, Katerine Leblanc, Carelle Levasseur, Sabrina Marsillo, Jason Morel, Anaïs Roulier , Samantha Scali, Audrey Senff, Sunny St-Hillien Boisvert, Zanna Szczecinski-Allepot and Yoherlandy Tejeiro Garcia are pumped up for the premiere on February 9 at Théâtre St-Denis in Montreal.

To support him in the staging, Lydia Bouchard, who is a master on the show Rvolutionsurrounded herself with an “army” of 11 choreographers – Élisabeth Bizoirre, Joëlle Bourdeau, Vincent Desjardins, Véronique Giasson, Adriano Ieropoli, Eric Martel “Zig”, Ricky Saint-Jusna, Samantha Scali, Team White, Yoherlandy Tejeiro Garcia and Handy Yacinthe (Monsta) – to push the dancers even further on the circular stage.

Lydia Bouchard

“The public will find what they love on TV, but we have created something brand new with the 11 choreographers. I made choreographic prescriptions. The material is completely original, with the dancers people love. It was a great pleasure to work with them, even more than in my master's seat.”

The dancers will show themselves in another light and in other facets. “I wanted to disarm them,” she continued. Often they camp characters, they hide behind masks and protect themselves. I wanted them not to protect themselves. They are very brave!”

Growing up

Lydia Bouchard wants everyone to grow through this experience, the dancers as well as the audience.

“When leaving this project, the dancers have to feel that it was worth the effort, that they went further than they thought, that they continued their learning, their journey. For the public, it is to realize that they have met artists even more deeply than on television.”

And what about the revolutionary moment, so captivating on the small screen? “The revolution machine with the cameras is exceptional on the set, but I wanted to evoke it in another way in the show. I remain surprised by saying that there is a revolution throughout the show…”, underlined Lydia Bouchard, who finds that the transmission of her knowledge and expertise is “exhilarating”.

“I wanted to do a show for the general public, but with the high level of dance that you see at Révolution. I believe that people are more and more seasoned, they have sharp eyes and want to see a high level of dance, which fits internationally.”

Unlike the last tour, Jean -Marc Généreux will not show up in the spotlight during the 75-minute show, an assumed choice to leave all the space to the dancers of Revolution.

Lydia Bouchard is finally happy that Revolution and Revolution on tourdemocratize dance in the Belle Province and that the show is not exclusively the prerogative of the major centers of Montreal and Quebec. The dancers will also convey emotion in Gatineau, Saguenay, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières.

To find out all the dates of the tour, visit the Revolution on tour website. .

Welcome Mel, goodbye Twins

Lydia Bouchard exchanged a few words with the new master of Revolution Mel Charlot, who will join Jean- Marc Généreux and her for the fifth season, next fall, on TVA.

“I know her by reputation and through friends. I can't wait to welcome her, she's a seasoned choreographer with great energy. We wrote to each other briefly to tell each other that we were looking forward to meeting and working together,” said Lydia Bouchard.

“Yes, we had good siblings with the Twins, but it is the nature of our business; people are very busy and it's like at La Voix, it changes almost every year. Their career is very flourishing and good for them.”

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