Making love in the bathroom of passengers hard-framed flight attendant

Flight attendants usually ignore such a curious situation, but not this time

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Занимающихся любовью в уборной пассажиров жестко подставила стюардесса

Flight attendants schooled the passengers retired

Passengers of the plane, sex in the bathroom, got into an awkward situation because the flight attendants with a good sense of humor. According to flight attendants engaged in amorous pleasures in the bathroom travelers always gives “shaking the door.” Usually the airline staff on Board ignored a similar situation. However, this time the flight attendant wanted to play a joke on the closed toilet in the passengers, writes Daily Mail.

“Look, there’s two of us went into the toilet. Let’s congratulate them when you get out,” instructed the senior cabin attendant.

When the couple came out of the toilet, the crew met them with applause.

“On behalf of the entire team we want to congratulate you on joining the mile high club!” — greeted the senior steward opened a bottle of champagne (the mile high club — “the club engaged in sex in plane”).

Recall how the flight attendants appreciate the passengers on the plane: the curious part. Also “Today,” wrote, as a flight attendant was fired for wishing wedding party of the groom.

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