Malala is a graduate of the university of Oxford

Malala diplômée de l’université d’Oxford

In 2012, the taliban wanted to kill her on his return from school in Pakistan. On Friday, Malala Yousafzai, global icon of the struggle for education, announced his ” joy ” of being a graduate of the university of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

“Difficult to express my joy and gratitude now that I got my degree in philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford,” said the 22-year old woman on Twitter. His message is accompanied by photos, including one showing it in the process of celebrating his graduation by sharing a cake with family.

“I don’t know what will be the result. For now, this will be Netflix, reading, and sleep, ” added the young woman.

Malala had been admitted to the prestigious university in 2017 after having been educated at a secondary school in Birmingham. She had found refuge with his family in this city in central England in 2012, after having been very seriously wounded by the taliban.

Malala had begun her battle in 2007, when the taliban had imposed their law in its Swat valley, hitherto peaceful tourist region. At 11 years old, this daughter of a school principal and an illiterate mother feeds a blog on the BBC website in urdu, the national language. Under the pseudonym of Gul Makai, she described the climate of fear reigning in the valley. She is gaining notoriety, and the taliban decided to eliminate him, accusing him of disseminating ” western propaganda “.

15 years of age, it is affected by bullets to the head and shoulder in the attack against the school bus that brings her back from her school in Mingora, in the Swat valley. Since then, she has become an icon of the defence of women’s right to education, and was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 2014, it has received only 17 years old.

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