Malaysia indicates that it has repelled a boat of Rohingyas

La Malaisie indique avoir repoussé un bateau de Rohingyas

A boat carrying about 300 refugees the rohingya tried to land in Malaysia this week, but was waived in view of the patrols that deter migrants from approaching it for fear of a spread of coronavirus, said the malaysian authorities on Thursday.

The ship, which could be at sea for three to four months, according to the authorities, has attempted to enter the waters malaysian Monday several times before you give up, said the head of the coast guard, malaysian Zubil Mat Som to the AFP.

“The presence of naval ships from the coast guard and police have deterred the boat of migrants to enter our territorial waters,” said the manager, adding that the boat had then been detected in thai waters.

The boat left at the same time as another boat carrying 269 Rohingya and that has been allowed to land in Malaysia Monday, because it was too damaged to continue her journey. According to organizations that defend Human rights, the refugees are political parties of Bangladesh.

Malaysia has long been a destination of choice for the muslim minority persecuted in Burma, and thousands of them try each year to make the dangerous journey from Burma or Bangladesh to the South Asian countries-Is predominantly muslim and relatively rich.

But Malaysia has strengthened controls in the past and bar the entry to the boats of migrants fear that they will not be contaminated by the Covid-19.

Zubil Mat Som noted that the smugglers used fast boats instead of fishing boats employed previously.

Most of the countries of Southeast Asia have also strengthened controls in the sea to block the arrival of migrants for health reasons.

In recent months, hundreds of Rohingyas were rescued off the coast of Bangladesh after long stays at sea.

Mid-April, nearly 400 refugees rohingya starving, had been rescued by the coast guard of Bangladesh after drifting two months at sea. At least 60 people had died during the trip.

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