Malaysia woman raised food pet

                                В Малайзии женщина вырастила из еды питомца

The woman ordered in a restaurant a dish of eggs, but it turned out to be alive.

Two years ago in one of the restaurants of Kuala Lumpur, a local resident Eric lim saw in the menu a dish called balut. This is a traditional dish for Cambodia and the Philippines, a boiled duck egg which is already fully formed duckling.

Eric asked me to sell her one, but not boiled. Brought it home, made a incubator from a Styrofoam box and lamps and placed it on the egg. Two weeks later, it hatched from a duck. The woman called her Bibit.

Bird feels quite comfortable in the role of a family pet, loves to splash in the tub and together with the owner to watch TV. Sometimes Bibit even travels with Erica and even goes to the movies. For their salvation once in the restaurant, the bird now thanks eggs – is one per day.

Express info by country

Malaysia is a country in South-East Asia.

                                В Малайзии женщина вырастила из еды питомца


                                В Малайзии женщина вырастила из еды питомца

Coat of arms

                                В Малайзии женщина вырастила из еды питомца

Capital – Kuala Lumpur

The largest city – Kuala Lumpur

Form of government – parliamentary monarchy

The area is 329 758 km2 (65th in world)

Population – 30,35 million people (45th in the world)

The official language is Malay

Religion – Buddhism

HDI – 0,779 (62nd in the world)

GDP – $338,1 billion (35th in world)

Currency – ringgit

Borders: Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine” on the island in the Pacific died the lonely duck in the world.

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