Male gaze: the actors show “Muahahahaha” of a perfect gift and its relation to March 8

Star men support the celebration of March 8

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On the eve of International women’s day the question of choice of gifts for loved ones and relatives of women becomes especially important. Three men from the show “I Muahahahaa” channel UFO TV: Evgeni Yanovich, Vladimir Kravchuk and Ivan Melashenko, told how to relate to the celebration of March 8, do I need a holiday men and how they congratulate women on this day.

Have you changed your attitude to the March 8 lately?

Evgeni Yanovich: I’ll be honest – no. I never thought about his attitude to this holiday.

Volodymyr Kravchuk: I don’t see a reason to. Good holiday!

Ivan Melashenko: No, always treated the holiday is good.

Мужской взгляд: актеры шоу "Мамахохотала" об идеальном подарке и своем отношении к 8 Марта

The actors show “Muahahahaha”

How you perceive March 8 today is primarily a day for women’s rights or the spring festival?

Evgeni Yanovich: I take March 8 as the international festival of flower sellers and defenseless men. First and foremost, the need to protect our wallets from the abnormal price hikes. But seriously, the day of the protection of women’s rights does not prohibit parallel to perceive it as a spring day. So never limit yourself and allow you to give the March 8, just two status.

Volodymyr Kravchuk: for me Personally, this holiday is associated with the female nature and its manifestations.

Ivan Melashenko: This is another reason to remind women that they are amazing. Thanks girls we always have someone to joke about. Isn’t it amazing?

What do you think – do we need such a feast to the men in Ukraine?

Evgeny Azarov: Ukrainian, when he needs to find a holiday, just looks in the Orthodox calendar. Every day holiday. Let us, therefore, not to produce unnecessary. Moreover, international men’s day have been invented – it’s the final of the Champions League. Every four years international month men – world Cup. It is enough for us.

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Volodymyr Kravchuk: No. I think that holidays for men is enough.

Ivan Melashenko: We will always find a reason to celebrate, for men don’t worry.

As usual I congratulate their beloved women on this day?

Evgeni Yanovich:I think the main point on March 8 to show that it is possible to welcome loved ones and relatives not only in this date. And what kind of gift doesn’t matter, it’s very individual.

Volodymyr Kravchuk: In my childhood, it was somehow easier. I knew that March 8 is a day of congratulations to all the women who surround me. They to this day have tried to be particularly beautiful. I was making gifts for mom, and it was very sincere. Now also make gifts from the heart, and not only on March 8.

Ivan Melashenko: in my family, one girl became more so and the hassle increased. But it’s all worth it, to make gifts and see how your favorite smile.

How do you think, is there a universal gift for women on March 8?

Evgeny Azarov: There Is. The promise to treat a woman the same as the other 364 days of the year.

Мужской взгляд: актеры шоу "Мамахохотала" об идеальном подарке и своем отношении к 8 Марта

Actor Eugene Yanovich

Volodymyr Kravchuk: I Believe that in this day need to give a good mood. What causes your woman’s good mood – here already all individually.

Ivan Melashenko: Yeah, our guys from “Muahahahaha” recently put up a photo Studio and Instagram urged to give for March 8, not Iphone, and concert tickets. Time to change the attitude to the holiday and to give women emotions. Tickets for the concert of the Studio “was Muahahahaha” – this is a universal gift. By the way, the concert will be on 29 March, it is still possible to buy tickets.

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Your wish for Ukrainian women on March 8?

Evgeni Yanovich: Dear, allow yourself to be yourself. Love yourself and love what you are. After all, if you won’t do, our boundless love will be worthless.

Volodymyr Kravchuk: I Wish you, dear girl, to you and very much adored your men.

Ivan Melashenko: I wish that you are surrounded by loving and kind men who will value you and respect. And most importantly, remember, dear ladies – you are beautiful.

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Мужской взгляд: актеры шоу "Мамахохотала" об идеальном подарке и своем отношении к 8 Марта

Мужской взгляд: актеры шоу "Мамахохотала" об идеальном подарке и своем отношении к 8 Марта

Мужской взгляд: актеры шоу "Мамахохотала" об идеальном подарке и своем отношении к 8 Марта

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