Malik Bentalha : 5 things you never knew may not be on the stand-up comedian

Malik Bentalha : 5 choses que vous ne saviez peut-être pas sur l'humoriste

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Malik Bentalha : 5 things you never knew may not be on the stand-up comedian

This Thursday 20 February 2020 from 21h05 on TF1, (re)discover Still, the one-man show of Malik Bentalha. A show in which the comedian tells the story of what happened to him these past few years, always with a sense of fairness. But do you actually know the one who is also an actor ? Here are 5 things you never knew may not be a star on the laugh.

He made the cours Florent

Before performing on stage or acting in films, Malik Bentalha has made the prestigious cours Florent for a year. But at the beginning, the friend of Franck Gastambide almost do not engage in humor as he had explained to the Parisien : “I had a realization in the terminal. My Spanish teacher often told me that she would have wanted to do the flamenco, and that she had lived since with this regret. I was gone for an IUT of the marketing (…). In class, I was doing the show, I was trying to fit the right valve at the right timing. This is a super lab, this is where I learned the rhythm of the scene. My Spanish teacher, it was my favorite. She called my parents, she told them : ‘Your son has talent, he should be allowed to leave in a theatre school in Paris’. The word of a teacher, it is the word of the gospel, they have accepted”.

Suddenly, Malik Bentalha arrived in Paris in 2007, after obtaining his bac ES (a-t-he explained to Melty Campus : “I did a summer internship a week at the cours Florent to see if my profile matched to the establishment. And it went very well. For the provincials, this is a prestigious school and for my parents it was a school setting”. Once selected in the famous school, the comedian who has lost 35 kilos has worked for to pay for the course : “I had almost no money, and I refused my parents help me. The course amounted, however, to 350 euros per month. For two years, I chained odd jobs”.

Alex Lutz helped him to become a comedian

The one who had said no to the series Brief, thinking that it wouldn’t work had also confessed to the Parisian, before you meet with Jamel Debbouze, it is his encounter with Alex Lutz, which allowed him to make a one-man show. “After a year of cours Florent, I’m on the verge of giving up, I’m 19 years old and my ticket back in the pocket. Before leaving, I decided to go to the semicolon, a legendary venue. There, I learn by a commissioner that one can spend of castings. I didn’t sketch, it was a disaster, but among the jurors, there was Alex Lutz, who told me that I have a trick, that I have to work. I learn that he is a stage director, Palmade, Sylvie Joly” he told.

Then “I called my parents, I’m too happy. But I have no more money, no more job. Then Alex offers me to be… the nanny of his son !”. Becoming the baby-sitter of the child actor césarisé, thus it makes a bit of money. “He paid me, put me in the scene. It made me go to the semicolon, has given me the rigor,” commented Malik Bentalha, “Alex Lutz, I love it, it is the person who has the most scored in my career”.

Malik Bentalha is found in the street

He might have turned into box-office hits such as Pattaya and Taxi 5 and have doubled the world-famous blue hedgehog in Sonic the movie, Malik Bentalha has known the galley, even a known time. He had, indeed, told to Jade and Eric Dussart in the program, We redo the tv on RTL have been conned. “When we arrive in this environment, a lot of people warn us, saying ‘beware, it can go fast’, but it is convinced that it’s not going to happen to us, that we, we are smarter,” he detailed, “But I went with another producer and I’m done scamming”.

Result ? “I found myself in the street, almost, I didn’t” he confessed. He is then forced to participate in projects that he does not like to be able to meet its needs : “It is very complicated, we propose films or projects that we don’t like, but there is a balance also that we said, ‘You need money, you need to live'”.

“I had all the world on the back, the taxes… It was explained that it was a scam,” he recalled, “They explained to me that I had apartments in my name in places in Paris ! I rarely talk about it, but it was something very complicated to live”.

The comedian has been among… Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has received Malik Bentalha at it, without knowing it. Yes, the old Jamel Comedy Club is entered in the star without her consent. How ? Why ? He had explained in the same radio show, We redo the tv on RTL, that one of his buddies was in a relationship with one of the Kardashian sisters. Yes, this is almost as crazy as Kim K and Kanye West at the KFC Strasbourg-Saint-Denis. While on vacation in the United States with his friend, the latter offers the comic to come to the birthday party of her famous sweetheart.

They leave in the car in the villa of Kim Kardashian, where is the party. Except that the name of Malik Bentalha is not on the list. To enter, therefore, he must be hiding on the floor of the back seat. “I am Malik Bentalha, I am in the process of returning to break-ins at the Kardashian !” he said to himself, imagining himself already in the headlines of the tabloids the next day : “A French actor infiltrates in the Kardashian”.

Except that instead of letting him enter the house with him, his friend asked him to remain quietly hidden in the car. “It is in Los Angeles, it is dark, I’m in the back of a car, all alone, there is a great moment of solitude” he said. It is then that he checks his smartphone, history of care, and that the light of the screen brings the police. “I see the police coming in and the guy asks me what I’m doing here” he recounted, “is that it… in The end I did not see anyone, and my friend is fucking my mouth”.

He is preparing his first film

In addition to his talent of improvisation and acting, Malik Bentalha has launched a new challenge : writing a feature-length film. He revealed to Tv Star : “We wrote Jack Mimoun, the adventurer, my first film as a director. I grew up with Indiana Jones, Jumanji… It’s a family comedy which I had the idea of making Our lands, so I was next to my pumps in canyoning. I tells the story of the worse thing that could happen to me : I am a loose in the jungle”. A movie of which we do not yet know the release date.

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