Malinin disowned her own daughter and will now go on trial: “Nosebridge and homeless”

Малинин отрекся от родной дочери и теперь пойдет под суд: "Нищебродка и бомж"

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The first Russian singer Olga Zarubina admitted ten years ago that the real father of her daughter Kira – Alexander Malinin. Meeting relatives was broadcast on the show “Let them talk”, but then the pop star was skeptical about the revelations ex-wife. Singer believes that Kira was born from another man, and refused to undergo a DNA test.

Kira Evdokimova in turn, said that the attitude of the father of her deeply wounded. Now 34-year-old woman intends to protect the honor of his family and apply for Malinin to the court.

“He several times we were insulted in public. Called and prokhodilki, and nosebridge, and homeless,” said Zarubina.

It should be clarified that the so-called daughter of Alexander Nikolayevich lived in the US since 1991. The singer is sure, the girl grew up an abandoned child.

Малинин отрекся от родной дочери и теперь пойдет под суд: "Нищебродка и бомж"

a screenshot of the video “Let them talk”

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“No one did it. It’s 14 years left home and lived somewhere and talked with whom is unclear. Unenviable fate. First instinct was to help, to attach, to take part in her life. I invited her on tour. She came to St. Petersburg. We tried to warm it with its warmth. She told me I didn’t graduate high school, at one time communicated with the Goths. It doesn’t have a home…,” said Malinin.

“Everything that is announced from the Malinin – pure lie. Did not pay. The people had the impression, imposed his wife – Emma Zalyaeva that I had deprived the daughter of her father. They had never been deprived of his daughter. If the father wants to communicate, he is to smash the Board, but will be in touch. I had to run after him and falling to his knees?!” replied the ex-wife of the star.

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We will remind, Alexander Malinin revealed the true nature of Alla Pugacheva.

As reported by the portal Znayu scandalous Russian singer Serov allowed to speak in Ukraine.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the book “immortalized” beloved wife on his own face.

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