Malinin “immortalized” beloved wife on your own face

Малинин "увековечил" любимую супругу на собственном лице

Alexander Malinin

today, 19:14

Supporters of the Russian singer Alexander Malinin noticed that he too was shoplocated plastic surgery and it does not go in his favor.

Under photos from a holiday in Thailand, which Malinin published on its pages in social networks, users write that the singer becomes more and more like his wife Emma plastic surgery, make his face feminine.

Assume that Malinin was injected fillers — compounds that remove even the smallest wrinkles and make your skin smooth. But the use of fillers can be side effects. In some cases, even change the proportions of the face.

Малинин "увековечил" любимую супругу на собственном лице

Alexander Malinin with the wife. Photo:

“Now you and your wife — for one person”, “Okay, when women were experimenting to look younger. But for a grown man to do the surgery — this is ridiculous”, “If you want to do something with your appearance — choose only good surgeons” – write in social networks.

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