“Mamo, I n Yana”: the hottest Duo of EDGAR & EMMA told how to sing in Ukrainian

"Мамо, я п'яна": самый горячий дуэт EDGAR & EMMA рассказали, как запели на украинском

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The Duo of EDGAR & EMMA on the Ukrainian scene not so long ago, but has already managed to produce some striking and memorable hits. The performers are a mixture of hot bloods: Armenian, Arabic and Georgian, and sing about love and relationships.

Znayu talked with Edgar and Emma about their Duo about how they found each other and began to sing in Ukrainian.

"Мамо, я п'яна": самый горячий дуэт EDGAR & EMMA рассказали, как запели на украинском


You – international Duo on the Ukrainian scene. Edgar from Armenia, Emma – dad is from Tunisia and mother is Georgian. Recently you released the first Ukrainian-language single. As you work in this direction? Ready to continue to sing in Ukrainian?

Edgar: I can’t say I was ever hard to communicate in the Ukrainian language. I was educated in Ukraine and can speak Ukrainian, but for this I need a little more to think about, because a big part of my life, I communicate in Armenian or Russian. But the creation of Ukrainian-language track we have long been in doubt.

We were waiting for the right time to not to go, as many artists, with the quota, but simply to make the music feel.

Emma: Yes, to do something for the first time this responsibly. But I was born in Ukraine and I know Ukrainian language. The idea with the song I really liked, I’m happy to sing the most melodic language in the world.

Edgar: If the public will like it and will good feedback, we are glad to record a few more tracks in Ukrainian, but the style still thinking about it. Perhaps something more lyrical.

"Мамо, я п'яна": самый горячий дуэт EDGAR & EMMA рассказали, как запели на украинском

I would like closer to meet you. Tell us about your acquaintance.

Edgar: Two years ago I performed as a solo artist, and Emma – in a group with his brothers. Like many artists, we had concerts, auditions and much more.

Here at one of the auditions we met. Together they filled out the form and somehow accidentally learned that both from Kiev. Between us immediately was the spark. We talked for a long time. Began to emerge the idea, but after 3 months we had recorded the song. The track immediately took in the rotation of the 4 top radio stations, and we realized that working together yields good results. It has created a Duo of EDGAR & EMMA.

Emma: Edgar heard that I was from Ukraine and came over to me. I was so pleasantly far from home to find his man. All further stages of casting I was worried about him, and he with me. I, of course, has gone on almost to the finals, but he was not offended (laughs). So we began to make friends, communicate a lot, and later created the first track.

You sing in duet, but the pair of you?

Emma: I love this question, and he probably will haunt us always. I think the time will come and people will see, and we’ll keep the intrigue.

Edgar: On stage you should always show your true feelings, because the viewer is not fooled. We work as a couple, to convey energy.

I see my future in Ukraine or want to conquer other countries?

Edgar: the World can be conquered and living in one place. I feel comfortable in Ukraine. I love Ukraine. We moved here from Armenia many years ago, and now this is my home.

Emma: of Course, we want our songs listened to not only in Ukraine, and strive to sound everywhere. We believe in our songs and want every student remembered their love story, or began a new story under our tracks.

What are the main challenges faced in Ukraine: how in terms of creativity and personality?

Emma: I’m just beginning my career, because I think that everything is going according to plan. But to build a life from scratch after moving to another country very difficult. You know, my parents worked a lot in Ukraine as international students. Especially difficult was dad – he moved to Ukraine from Tunisia to become a programmer. Without knowing the language, without ties wasn’t easy. But then he met mom in the bus – and the life began to improve. This can be understood by the number of children – three of us (smiles).

Edgar: When do you move to another country, it is difficult to adapt to a different mentality and laws. We moved to Ukraine with the whole family after the earthquake and the war, difficulties were not enough. I worked after University, not to sit on the neck of the parents. Dabbled in the IT field, in parallel, launched the station maintenance cars. At first it was a normal garage, but then it went – and now 8 years as a whole. Thank God that there are friends and family who always support. Not a few difficulties in work, because we want to create quality music that will reach and appeal to the listener. When you believe in your song, and you refuse to be played on the radio, it is very demotivates. At such moments the most important is not to give up, to persevere, and all will be!

2019 finish with some thoughts, summing up?

Emma: the Year was wonderful and adventure. We worked a lot and rested too. I’ve been in Mallorca. Mallorca for me is another dimension, another planet. There people don’t think about small problems, and live in a rush. Many go there in order to forget about all problems and just walk. There is a well developed hospitality industry with women oldest professions, and I was “lucky” to meet them.

My brother started to molest one of these girls, and I decided to film it all on the phone, but eventually this lady started running to me, crying. I had to get away. In the end, I, of course, received from her a bit, although he had the right to shoot in a public place. But, since the police there – “all friends” to prove anything to anyone I could not. This was the most memorable adventure. And we played a lot, and at the end of the year came our first Ukrainian-language track.

Edgar: “Mamo, I n Yana” is a worthy end of the year. Although this summer we have released three more tracks, but most of all a Ukrainian came on the radio and received a lot of feedback from listeners. Clearly, it was a productive year. I am grateful for this year, primarily because all my family and friends are close and we have a lot of new ideas which we plan to implement in 2020.

Our thoughts are now very optimistic and the maximum are set to leap next year. Since February prepare for new announcements and musical surprises.

Already decided how you are going to meet the New 2020? And do you have any rituals of celebration?

Edgar: we Have the Armenian tradition to celebrate the New Year with family. We gather at someone’s home with all family members – usually about 30 people. Make kebabs and exchange gifts. Skewers marinating and preparing daddy. This signature dish he does not trust anyone. After midnight every rest already as he wants. Of course, every year opportunity to do less and less, because the artists these days work a lot.

Emma: Where the noisy company, there are my friends. It happens that even the police came. This year, I think the party will also be cool. The main catch and performance, and then to friends. Special traditions I have, but gifts for their loved ones I have prepared.

The stars made after the New year to take a little rest. And in your case?

Emma: we Often relax in the summer, but this year, I hope in January to visit Dubai. Decide now on schedule. Since we have planned a rich Feb, then you need places to go.

Edgar: the Rest is optional, just all depends on the load. It happened that the 2nd Jan already have a job, and you can’t go nowhere. Of course, need to relax, because you need to gain strength for the whole year. Try to approve all and plan to have time to relax, and to treat our audience to new tracks in February.

Do you want to try your hand at the talent show: the voice of the country, X factor? What do you think about projects?

Edgar: At this stage of our career that’s not quite what we need, in my opinion. I have to try your hand yourself, because we’ve already made a good start. If we are offered the channel to something interesting, then of course we are willing to consider, but now we have other plans for the development of the project. Moreover, Emma participated in the talent show, and even very dignified.

Emma: Yes, I participated in the project X factor 7 along with his brothers, it was a good experience. Very useful to take part in competitions in General, and not necessarily television. Every victory and even in defeat gave me a huge step forward. What would have been a statement – this is your special experience: small, maybe even a big step to your dream.

A childhood dream to be on stage? And had to try other professions?

Emma: I have not had time to master another profession, just finished University. I will be a linguist. I sing from early childhood, somewhere in year 4 my mom bought me a synthesizer and I started singing in a fictional language.

Edgar: I in the childhood was engaged in dances and right from a very early age was on the stage, just in a different role. In General, I’m a lawyer by training. But even there, the University, the scene would not let me. I need to perform.

"Мамо, я п'яна": самый горячий дуэт EDGAR & EMMA рассказали, как запели на украинском

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