Man charged with causing fire by burning spider

Man charged with causing fire by burning spider


A 26-year-old American has been charged with starting a wildfire while trying to kill a spider with a lighter in the state of Utah. 

Cory Allan Martin was arrested late Monday afternoon by police at the site where the fire started, near Springville, an hour south of Salt Lake City, in the state of the American West.

He was charged with negligent arson, possession of cannabis and equipment intended to consume cannabis.

He explained to officers “tried to kill a spider with a lighter and thus caused a fire”, explains the Utah County Sheriff's Office on Facebook, causing the consternation of Internet users.

“Burning a spider in Utah…in the mountains…in July…during a drought,” one ranted, expressing his amazement with an emoji of a spider. person slapping his face with his palm.

The young man was taken into custody and released later that evening after posting $1,950 bail, according to the sheriff's office.< /p>

The fire burned nearly 25 hectares of woods from the base to the top of a mountain, explained on Twitter the firefighters of Utah, who had to mobilize two teams and a helicopter to contain the fire.

The discovery of cannabis on Cory Allan Martin fueled the suspicions of Internet users.

“Seriously, this is a bad lie. I have a pretty good idea of ​​what he was doing with that lighter,” one of them suggested on the sheriff's office Facebook page, implying that he accidentally started the fire smoke a joint.

“We couldn't prove what you think,” Sergeant Spencer Cannon replied.