Man sentenced to prison for butchering a live calf

Man sentenced to prison for losing a living calf

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A 35-year-old man was sentenced Tuesday by the Strasbourg Criminal Court, in eastern France, to four months in prison for having “butchered and beheaded” a live calf, a- we learned from corroborating sources. & nbsp;

This man “who had butchered and beheaded” the animal “in his garage” last August was sentenced to 4 months “assorted a definitive ban on keeping an animal, “the Bas-Rhin national police said on Twitter.

He will also have to pay” the sum of 300EUR (approximately 425 CAD dollars) in damages ” to the seven animal defense associations which had brought civil proceedings, including the association Stéphane Lamart, said the latter in a press release.

The facts took place on August 27, in a district in the south-west of Strasbourg.

The police had received several calls evoking the howling of animals coming from a garage.

On the spot, the police officers s had found “a calf, dying and partially decapitated, the four limbs severed and an individual harnessed to butcher the beast,” police said in a statement.

“The blood of this poor animal was spilling in the network of sewage pipes “, specifies in its press release the association Stéphane Lamart.

Arrested, the author had” none of the qualifications required for the slaughter of an animal “and the calf, which died of its wounds, had not been legally transferred.

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