Man shot dead in Lavaltrie by a police officer: “he would have made a gesture threatening”, said the EIB

Homme abattu à Lavaltrie par un policier: «il aurait fait un geste menaçant», dit le BEI

A man shot and killed Monday night by a police officer, and at Lavaltrie in Lanaudière, has previously made a gesture threatening to his place, said Friday the Office of the independent surveys (EIB).

Four days after the events, the Office has made this precision with respect to the intervention that took place a little after 20 h in a residence of the Terrace Desrosiers.

“In the interest of fairness to all persons involved in this unfortunate event, we would like to emphasize the fact that the investigation of the EIB will in particular shed light on the circumstances that would have led the officer to fire,” wrote the organization.

As a reminder, the officers of the SQ had been dispatched to the scene for a marital conflict. In the process of separation, a woman would have decided to lodge a complaint against Marc Savage.

Escorted by the police to the patrol car, the 53 year old man would have asked to go back inside to retrieve his wallet and other personal effects.

“One of the police officers would have accompanied him. Once in the residence, the man would have grabbed and knife would have inflicted wounds,” had said Monday the EIB in a press release, adding that “the police officer would have fired and would have reached”.

Friday, the EIB has added this important information: “thus, after that the man would be seized and knife would have inflicted wounds, he would have made a gesture threatening to the police officer and the latter would then fire and would have reached”.

According to our information, Marc Savage would have planted two knives in the body. Two shots would have been fired. The father of the family was transported to the hospital, where his death has been found.

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