Manafort volunteered to work for free trump: the causes

Манафорт вызывался работать на Трампа бесплатно: названы причины

Lobbyist by Paul Manafort for the presidential campaign in the United States have offered their services to the team of the then candidate for the presidency of Donald trump and agreed to work for free. In 2016, the proposal was accepted, and then provided Manafort the post of head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump.

According to “Voice of America” with reference to The Washington Post, though Manafort and volunteered to work for free, while he tried to save his business. “Some members of the team trump agree that Manafort could seek to use the position in an election campaign trump for their own benefit”, — says the publication.

Journalists report that at the time of its most profitable customer — the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich after the flight was in Russia, and he by Paul Manafort owed over a million dollars in taxes.

The publication stresses that after the appointment of Manafort sent to Ukraine a letter addressed to a man by the name kilimnik, who, according to journalists, was associated with the Russian oligarch Deripaska and the Russian intelligence service, reported on his new position.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the American political consultant Paul Manafort received millions of dollars from Akhmetov, said Levochkin, Klyuev, Kolesnikov

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