Manager Nachalovo after the tragedy at bath party teaches your son to be a coward

Менеджер Началовой после трагедии на банной вечеринке учит сына быть трусом

Party blogers Didenko ended in tragedy, screenshot: YouTube

today, 02:23

Russian blogger Ekaterina Didenko, which bills itself “the pharmacy inspector” and shows your followers that chemical experiments, led to the death guests at the celebration of his birthday. To such sad consequences of chemical experience with dry ice.

The members of your party in one of the bath complexes of Moscow poured into the pool about 25 pounds of dry ice. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, which at room temperature quickly turns into a heavy carbon dioxide, high concentration of which is danger for human body. A few members of the party jumped into the pool and immediately lost consciousness. The result of this experiment, three people were killed and five were injured. One of the dead was a man of the birthday girl, that he organized a “surprise” with dry ice.

This tragedy was the main topic of the next issue of the talk show “Let them talk”, which was also attended by Anna Isaeva.

Isaev drew attention to the fact that one with party guests before the tragedy encouraged the other words “Who is the bravest?”. After that young people began to jump into the pool with dry ice.

According to her, the young man who jumped into the water first, considered himself the most daring, the result became the first victims of this tragedy.

“It is very painful to lose loved ones! You know, I teach my son neatness and even of cowardice. I believe that sometimes it is impossible to be bold. You need to understand that sometimes you risk your life,” – said Isayev.

Менеджер Началовой после трагедии на банной вечеринке учит сына быть трусом

Anna Isaeva, Photo:instagram.

She also called on all parents to instill in their children the idea that sometimes you should back off to avoid irreversible decisions.

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