Mandatory vaccination: over 100 police officers suspended in Toronto

MISE & Agrave; DAY

More than 200 Toronto police employees, including 117 uniformed officers, were suspended Tuesday because they were not adequately immunized or refused to disclose their immunization status. & nbsp ;

Unlike various governments that have decided to postpone employee suspensions, such as Quebec with health care personnel, the Toronto police have decided to carry out their threat by suspending a total of 205 members, or 2.7% of its staff, which totals 7,415 people.

“Our goal remains to ensure the health and safety of our members, our workplaces and the public that we serve, ”said Toronto Police Chief James Ramer, announcing the suspensions by press release.

Suspended employees will not receive any compensation, but may return to duty if they demonstrate that they are 'they finally got vaccinated against COVID-19.

Chief Ramer assured that the police will do their best to ensure that the suspensions do not have an impact on the police presence and the services offered to the public.

It must be said that the City of Toronto is not kidding with mandatory vaccination. Some 500 municipal employees are currently suspended without pay for failing to show proof of vaccination.

Those who refuse to comply will be fired as of January 2, said the City, which had initially put the deadline is December 13.

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