Manhattan Lockdown : 3 good reasons to run see the film of the filmmakers of the Avengers Endgame

Extract from Manhattan Lockdown

A few months after the shock Avengers Endgame, the brothers Russo are returning to the film with Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther. Not for a production Marvel, but for a thriller, breathless and nervous in the streets of New York. It tells you more about Manhattan Lockdown.

A pursuit race inferno to apprehend two killers of cops in New York. The inspector Davis (Chadwick Boseman ) is desperate to entangle, so much that a huge conspiracy is taking shape behind their actions. For the trap, it will completely isolate the island of Manhattan, shutting down all of its bridges, in a dramatic operation… The hunt can begin.

Here are 3 good reasons to rush to theaters to go see Manhattan Lockdown.

Produced by the filmmakers of the Avengers Endgame

The brothers Russo and Chadwick Boseman, it is a story that is not ready to finish. After the Avengers Endgame, the producers of the last two Avengers found their Black Panther for Manhattan Lockdown they produce. That said Anthony and Joe Russo, says the promise of entertainment that is damn fast-paced, explosive, and well filmed. This is the case. The realization was entrusted to Brian Kirk, who has worked on Game Of Thrones, Luther, Boardwalk Empire and Penny Dreadful.

A hunting man panting

From its first seconds, Manhattan Lockdown grabs the viewer. The hunt for man in Manhattan of 100 minutes is a synonym of strong sensations, of gunfights, of course-the prosecution (see the excerpt in the subway in the video above) and reversals.

Badass Boseman

Chadwick Boseman is proving to be more badass as ever. In the cop’s merciless, and incorruptible, the current Black Panther denies any corruption, and is willing to do anything to enforce the law. However, it is hard for the role. Physically as well as psychologically. One more reason to love this actor.

Manhattan Lockdown currently in the cinema.


Manhattan Lockdown : 3 bonnes raisons de courir voir le film des réalisateurs d'Avengers Endgame

Manhattan Lockdown, currently at the cinema.

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