Manhattan Lockdown : 5 things you never knew may not be on Chadwick Boseman

Manhattan Lockdown : 5 choses que vous ne saviez peut-être pas sur Chadwick Boseman

Manhattan Lockdown : 5 things you didn’t know about Chadwick Boseman

Appointment January 1, 2020 to discover Manhattan Lockdown, the new film by Brian Kirk worn by Chadwick Boseman. And to celebrate its release in cinemas, we will reveal to you 5 stories about the comedian.

A difficult role to prepare

In Manhattan Lockdown, Chadwick Boseman plays a cop in pursuit of the killers of cops. And on this occasion, he engages in a man-hunt as spectacular as dangerous. Yet, if his character’s mania for perfection firearms, the actor has horror. In an interview with EW, he has recently confided : “I’m not the kind of people who like guns. It, I was never inspired. And I don’t have very good memories of that…

Therefore, it took a lot of practice and success to take upon himself to embody the best of her character : “I wasn’t comfortable [in the sessions of shots, ed] because I could not take my mind that I was training to kill someone. I really had to learn to master the weapons. Not just learn, but to pass over my beliefs, for the film“. It is that we recognize the good actors !

A first painful experience

Chadwick Boseman is currently known for his acting career, but he should know that he began by writing a piece of theatre. And not just anyone. Then as a teenager, one of his teammates on the basketball team of his high school was murdered. A life-changing experience for the actor, who was motivated to write the piece “Crossroads”, before the up/playing in his establishment. He said it in an interview, “I had the feeling that it was something that was calling me. Suddenly, playing basketball was no longer as important“.

A role made for him

Black Panther may be revealed to the eyes of the general public, but the studios have not waited for this film to know it. Kevin Feige (the big boss of the MCU) has, indeed, told that Chadwick Boseman was, from the outset, the no. 1 choice by Marvel for the role of T Challa : “I think he has spent 24 hours between the pronunciation of his name during a creative meeting and a phone call with him to talk about what role“. Result, he didn’t even need to audition. The class.

Chadwick Boseman was dreaming of another character in the MCU

At the same time, it is important to note that Chadwick Boseman was already in the small papers of Marvel for a very specific reason : he had already participated in an audition for another role within the MCU. Which one ? Attention, hold on tight : Drax Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, when we see David Bautista to side, it was really hard to imagine in this role…

But obviously, even at the time of casting, this failure had not at all worried for the rest of his career : “This is the kind of moment where you know that you’re not going to get the role, but you also know that you will meet people who will say then, ‘It is not made for that, but you can put it in that other film‘”. Well seen.

An actor very discreet

Don’t count on him to do the One of magazines people. Despite a statute which is growing day by day, Chadwick Boseman is determined to keep his private life… private. In an interview with American Way, the actor has entrusted the interest to him not to reveal anything (or almost) of his actual life : “When you talk about it, you become a whole new genre of celebrity. Your personal life seeps into your work life. I am an actor and you know me for what I play. You have an idea of who I am, but you do not know everything“.


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