Manhunt: citizens who are well-intentioned, have hurt the working police

Chasse à l'homme: des citoyens bien intentionnés ont nui au travail policier

Citizens who are well-intentioned, probably wanting to help the police in man-hunt to find Martin Carpentier, suspected to be hidden in a forest sector in Saint-Apollinaire, have rather been detrimental to research in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

The spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec, Ann Mathieu has reported in an interview with TVA News that a video released live has caused an influx of population into the forest, following a possible noise heard.

“This night we experienced a major issue, there has been a publication live Facebook inviting people to come to circulate. When there was a noise heard in the wood, the citizens have invaded the wood. And there it comes to interfere with the police work, and this has hindered police work,” says Ms Mathieu.

The spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec, Ann Mathieu

The spokesperson for the SQ understand that citizens want to help, but asks the population not to move to the scene of the police operation.

“We know that people are full of good will, and we understand this and we appreciate it. We ask people not to move to the scene of the police operation, it can, unfortunately, affect the work place”, she adds.

She insists that this is not because we do not see any police officers, that the work of investigation and research is not done.

“The police are working 24 hours on 24 for several days now, and this, day or night. This is not because you don’t see police officers on site at night or on the road, there is not elsewhere.”

It invites the population to remain alert.

“This is important if you see if you can see it, if you have information, it is to contact 911.”

No police officer has seen or even preview Martin Carpentier since the beginning of the man hunt. Some people believe to have seen, but this information is not validated. Impossible to tell if man is still alive, all of the assumptions that are being studied by the investigators.

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